Working Group Chair Award

Working Group Awards

IEEE SA Working Group Chair Awards are presented to volunteers to recognize their contributions to the development and publication of an IEEE standard. All awards are to be requested by Working Group Chairs upon the publication of a standard.

The awards are offered in two formats. All Working Group Chairs and officers are eligible for plaques upon approval of the standard. Certificates of appreciation are presented to additional participants upon recommendation of the Working Group Chair.

There is no honorarium attached to these awards. There are no restrictions or preferences as to the nationality, race, gender, age, or creed of the awards recipients.


The award consists of a laminated wooden plaque displaying the cover of the standard and contributor’s name. This award is presented to standards development participants who have assumed leadership positions in the Working Group such as the following:

  • Chair(s)
  • Vice Chair(s)
  • Technical editor(s)
  • Subcommittee chair(s) designated by the WG Chair (e.g., task force or chapter)
  • Secretary

For standards developed jointly with other organizations, this award may also be presented to the other organization’s Working Group Chair, to the officers of the working group, and to the technical editors of the standard.


The award consists of a certificate of appreciation displaying the standard number and the contributor’s name. This award is presented upon the discretion of the Working Group Chair.

Requesting Working Group Awards

Working Group Awards may be requested through the myProject system.

View supporting documentation on the Working Group Awards submission process via myProject

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or your Program Manager.

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