IEEE SA Industry Rapid Activator Program (IRAP)


Multiple people looking down, while surrounded by a holographic globeOffered by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA), the Industry Rapid Activator Program (IRAP) is designed to accelerate the commercial implementation and/or adoption of recently published or soon to be published IEEE standards by showcasing/demonstrating them in major industry events. The relevant stakeholders of the selected standard(s) are brought together to participate in relevant Activator Showcases to demonstrate how selected standards provide solutions for critical industry challenges.

Who Participates?

We welcome individuals and entities from industry, academia, and government to participate in Activator Showcases. Participants interested in solutions using the selected standard(s) typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizations involved in the development of the selected standard(s) (e.g., IEEE standards Working Group (WG) members)
  • Designers and developers involved in implementing the selected standard(s)
  • Suppliers of the equipment and systems that implement the selected standard(s)
  • Service providers that deploy equipment, systems, and networks utilizing the selected standard(s)
  • Users of equipment and services incorporating the selected standard(s)
  • Government agencies and industry policy makers dealing with the selected standard(s)

Why Participate?

  • Enables quicker promotion and deployment of participant’s solution based on upcoming standards (i.e., shortens time to market)
  • Pools together stakeholders toward a common goal
  • Offers fresh perspectives into participant’s project through feedback from stakeholder colleagues
  • Provides opportunity for hands-on work with others from industry (including academia and government)
  • Provides framework to foster innovative industry solutions
  • Provides participant’s organization with market exposure through IEEE and other industry channels (e.g., IEEE events, conferences, and other relevant IEEE industry events)
  • Leverages open-source solutions when appropriate
  • Helps participant save resources: IEEE SA manages the Activator Showcases through structured programs adhered to by all participants

Possible Outcomes

  • Publicizes standard(s) over wide area that includes potential customers
  • Offers implementation feedback from industry for subsequent versions of the standard
  • Demonstrates to large audience how standard solves real life problems


  • Activator Showcases are each selected and planned for an approximate six-month activity that solves a particular problem.
  • Activator Showcases focus on demonstrating innovative solutions to relevant critical industry challenges, leveraging IEEE SA’s key best practices.
  • Each Activator Showcase provides outputs such as lessons learned, best practices, white papers, open-source where appropriate, demo architectures, etc.
  • Activator Showcases will be presented at relevant IEEE flagship conferences/events and industry trade shows around the world and will be featured through email, social media, and websites.
  • Each Activator Showcase will be designed to be funded through the participant’s fees, which will vary depending on the event.

How to Submit a Showcase Proposal

To submit a proposal to be considered for an Activator Showcase, please do the following.

Make sure the proposal meets the following selection criteria:

  • Recently published standard or soon to be published standard
  • The consensus of the Working Group officers of the standard for the proposed Activator Showcase
  • Availability of the champion(s) and participants (including a willingness to fund)
  • Availability of event(s) for presenting this Activator Showcase
  • Feasibility of finishing the IRAP project within six months

Prepare a short summary with:

  • Brief description
  • Potential participants
  • Preliminary budget
  • Candidate events to showcase the standard

Forward proposal to the IRAP Program Management Chair

To learn how to join the IEEE SA Industry Rapid Activator Program (IRAP) , please express your interest by sending an inquiry to:

[email protected]



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