NESC Change Proposal Process

Change Proposal Submission Instructions

Step 1

If you are a first-time submitter (for this Code revision cycle), please complete the First Time Submitter Registration. You will receive a Submitter ID# via email for future reference. Please save this email with your Submitter ID #; you will need it for submitting additional change proposals, or for submitting comments during the public comment phase. Once you have completed Registration, you will be directed back to the Revision Process home page to submit a proposal.

Step 2

Download the Change Proposal Template to prepare your submission. Use of the Change Proposal Template is required. Complete your changes using the instructions found herein and on the template. Save your file to your hard drive.

Step 3

To submit a change proposal, enter your ID#, and click “Submit Proposal”. Your submitter identification will automatically populate the first submittal screen. Please enter the following:

  • Organization represented: e.g., IEEE, Edison Electric Institute, NESC Subcommittee 3 Working Group 3.1, etc.
    Note that this can be an organization, an individual/self, an NESC Subcommittee/Working Group, etc.
  • Type: This describes whether you are submitting a change proposal that recommends revised text, new text, or text to be deleted.
  • Part No.: Please identify what Part of the NESC is affected by your proposal. Please note that Sections 1, 2, 3, and 9 do not belong to Parts 1–4 of the NESC; therefore, you may leave this blank if your change proposal does not affects Parts 1–4, or if your change proposal affects sections 1, 2, 3, or 9.
  • Section No.: Please identify the Section of the NESC that is affected by your proposal. This could be a 1- or 2-digit number (e.g., respectively, 3, 23).
  • Rule No.: Please identify the Rule number that is affected by your proposal. This will be a 3-digitnumber (e.g., Rule 099, 234, 420).
    Note: a proposal could pertain to either all of the above (Part, Section, and Rule) or one of the above. (E.g., a proposal could pertain to a Part only due to a global nature of what is proposed. Similarly, a proposal could pertain only to a Section without applying to a specific rule. If a proposal pertains to a specific rule, then it will also pertain to a corresponding Section and Part.)
  • Rule Component: Please identify the sub-component of a specific rule, e.g., A2b(1). Be as specific as you can.
  • Page Number: Include the page number of the affected rule from the NESC 2023 Edition.

Click on continue to go to the next page to upload your change proposal, or reset if you wish to make changes to this screen.

Step 4

This screen will restate the Part, Section, or Rule number you have identified for your proposal. All change proposals are to be drafted on the provided Word template form and submitted via the “upload change proposal file” function on this screen.

Click the submit button once you have successfully uploaded your file. A successful upload will be acknowledged in the next screen. This screen will also indicate the change proposal number given to your proposal (e.g., 2501).

Step 5

You will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating receipt of your change proposal along with its assigned change proposal number.

Step 6

You may refresh/reload this page to submit another Change Proposal.

Submit a Change Proposal


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