December 2022

IEEE CAG Approvals

16 December 2022

Revised/Renewed ICAIDS:

  • IC18-005-03 African Standardization Strategy and Roadmap for the 4th Industrial Revolution – ICAID
  • IC20-011-02 IoT Ecosystem Security – ICAID
  • IC20-015-02 The IEEE Earth Lab – ICAID
  • IC20-021-02: Meta issues in cybersecurity – ICAID
  • IC20-022-02: Disaster Recovery for Blockchain Nodes and Enterprise Workloads – ICAID
  • IC20-023-02: Implementation Roadmap for Systemic EV Adoption in India and Asia – ICAID
  • IC20-025-02: Trustworthy Technical Implementations of Children’s Online/Offline Experiences – ICAID

Terminated ICAIDS:

  • IC20-024 IEEE SA Industry Rapid Activator Program (IRAP)
  • IC20-027 Responsible Innovation of AI and the Life Sciences
  • IC20-028 2030.5 Ecosystem Steering Committee
  • IC21-014 IEEE Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Standards Tracking and Standards Development-Related Research Needs
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