December 2023

IEEE CAG Approvals

22 December 2023


  • IC23-009-01 Measurement of Absorbed Power Density From Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Devices – ICAID
  • IC23-010-01 Specific Absorption Rate Measurement Systems – ICAID
  • IC23-011-01 Impact Assessment Framework for Sustainable Mobility Systems – ICAID
  • IC23-012-01 Energy and Water Nexus – ICAID
  • IC23-013-01 Spatial Computing for Metaverse Initiative – ICAID
  • IC23-014-01 Standardization Roadmap on Quantum Applications – ICAID

Renewal ICAIDS:

  • IC15-004-05: 3D Body Processing – ICAID
  • IC17-005-05 Establishment of Power Line Communication (PLC) Test Beds in India – ICAID
  • IC17-018-04: IEEE VR/AR Advisory Board – ICAID
  • IC19-004-04: Technology and Data Harmonization for Enabling Decentralized Clinical Trials (NAME CHANGED TO: Clinical Trial Technology Modernization Network (CTTMN)) – ICAID
  • IC21-006-03: Research Group on Issues of Autonomy and AI for Defense Systems – ICAID
  •  IC21-013-02: Synthetic Data – ICAID

Terminated ICAIDS:

  • IC19-007: Pre-Standardization Studies for Indian Language Resources
  • IC20-025: Trustworthy Technical Implementations of Children’s Online/Offline Experiences
  • IC21-010: Fiber Attach Technology
  • IC21-012: AI Impact Use Cases Initiative
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