March 2022

IEEE CAG Approvals

14 March 2022


  • IC22-001-01 Cyber Security for Next Generation Connectivity Systems – ICAID
  • IC22-002-01 High Power Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure – ICAID
  • IC22-003-001 Mobile and Transportable Energy Storage Systems – Technology Readiness, Safety, and Operation – ICAID

Revised/Renewed ICAIDS:

  • IC16-002-04 The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems – ICAID
  • IC18-001-03 Facilities Joint Use Program – ICAID
  • IC20-001-02 Pre-Standardization Activities on Industrial AI – ICAID
  • IC20-003-03 AI-Driven Innovation for Cities and People – ICAID
  • IC20-005-02 Global Initiative on Digital Transformation of Pandemic Surveillance – ICAID
  • IC20-019-02 Holistic Digital Resilience Ecosystem for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Mitigation and Response: Frameworks, Toolkits and Guidelines – ICAID

Terminated ICAIDS:

  • IC20-002 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Testbed Development for Dynamic Road Traffic Management and Control at Electronic City – Bangalore INDIA
  • IC20-004 Assessment of Standardization Gaps for Safe Automated Driving
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