Industry Connections and IEEE Conformity Assessment Program Activities

Industry Connections and IEEE Conformity Assessment Program Activities

The IEEE SA provides programs that cover the lifecycle of standards incubation and implementation, in addition to its core work of standards development. Standards incubation, or pre-standards activities, are supported by the Industry Connections program. Standards implementation is supported by the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program. A number of energy related programs are currently operating within Industry Connections and ICAP. The links below provide detail on these programs.

Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)

The ICAP Phasor Measurement Unit Conformity Assessment program has been developed to address an industry need that enables Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) manufacturers to demonstrate conformance to IEEE C37.118™-2005.

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Interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

The IEEE Conformity Assessment Program’s (ICAP) DER related activities provide unique opportunities for the successful implementation of IEEE 1547-2018.

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Precision Time Protocol - Power Profile (PTP)

The IEEE 1588 Power Profile Certification Program provides the power industry with a means of confidently implementing the IEEE 1588TM-2008 Precision Time Protocol in the electrical grid.

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Nuclear Power Electrical Equipment Certification Program

The Nuclear Power Electrical Equipment Certification Program will implement certification initiatives for both Class 1E (IEEE), and Important to Safety (IEC) components to nuclear qualification standards.

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IEEE Electric Vehicle Charging Conformity Assessment Program

The purpose of this program is to formalize the testing and certification process for a charger manufacturer to demonstrate conformance with the published IEEE 2030.1.1™ standard.

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PLC Test Beds in India

This IC program will help in further engaging with various stakeholders such as Industries, Academia, and Utility companies, to establish a series of Test Beds for PLC.

Learn More About PLC Test Beds in India

Facilities Joint Use

The Joint Use group is a forum for Electric Power Utilities, Telecomm and Cable Companies, Regulators, etc. to coordinate and develop consistent approaches/methodologies/rules for joint use of facilities.

Learn More About Facilities Joint Use

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