Consumer Application Workstream

Consumer Applications

More than 100B+ connected devices by 2030 per estimates, driven through Smart Phones along with smart home devices and wellness devices driving quality of life and comfort (and connectivity). B2C market is significantly driving adoption of IoT in the consumer products – wearables, gaming and including Internet of Clothing/Food with smart embedded sensors and also driving previously unconnected people into a connected world spurred by emerging technologies such as AR/VR, Edge Computing will enable new markets in the consumer space. Non-functional requirements focused around data ownership/agency, security, safety and privacy will need to be considered critically as consumer IoT applications adoption increases.

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Industry Connections (IC) program helps incubate new standards and related products and services by facilitating collaboration among organizations and individuals as they hone and refine their thinking on rapidly changing technologies. See some of the most recent activities related to Consumer Applications below.


3D Body Processing

This activity brings together diverse stakeholders to build thought leadership around 3D body processing technology standards in areas such as 3D capture, processing, storage, sharing and (augmented) representation.

Learn More About 3D Body Processing

Open Data

This activity focuses on data (public and private) that can be freely used, re-used, and redistributed by anyone—subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share alike.

Learn More About Open Data

Digital Inclusion Identity Trust and Agency (DIITA)

This activity considers causes of exclusion from cyberspace which can be addressed by advancing technology for humanity through standardization and related solutions.

Learn More About DIITA

Pre-Standardization Studies for Indian Language Resources

This activity will identify use cases that could help develop standards for governing Language Resources for Indian languages.

Learn More About Pre-Standardization Studies for Indian Language Resources (PDF)

Projects & Standards

IEEE 2621™ Series

Wireless Health Device Security Assurance Program

Learn More About IEEE 2621™

IEEE P2796™ Series

Standards for the framework, data requirements and exchange architecture for Internet of Food

Learn More About IEEE P2796™

IEEE P7004™

Standard for Child and Student Data Governance

Learn More About IEEE P7004™

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