IEEE 802 Network Enhancements for the Next Decade Industry Connections Activity (Nendica)

About the Activity

The goal of this Industry Connections activity is to document emerging requirements and directions for IEEE 802 networks; identify commonalities, gaps, and trends not currently addressed by IEEE 802 standards and projects; and facilitate building industry consensus towards proposals to initiate new standards development efforts. Encouraged topics include the enhancement of both IEEE 802 communication and vertical networks as well as enhanced cooperative functionality among existing IEEE standards in support of network integration. Topics concerning higher-layer applications related to new standards development in the IEEE 802.1 Working Group are also expected and encouraged. Findings related to existing IEEE 802 standards and projects are forwarded to the responsible working groups for further considerations.

Goals of the Activity

Deliverables and outcomes from Industry Connections activities may include documents (e.g., white papers or reports), proposals for standards, conferences, workshops, etc. The deliverables of Nendica will include:

  • Reports and other consensus outputs documenting the findings of the activity, with recommendations regarding overviews of current industry practices and trends, new standardization topics, documentation of use cases and user needs for those topics, and proposed organizational approaches to ensure effective participation from user communities.

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

We welcome new participants from large and small corporations, academia, industry, and government agencies that are interested in the IEEE 802 Network Enhancements for the Next Decade Industry Connections Activity (Nendica). Members will be composed of, but not limited to:

  • Users and producers of systems and components for networking systems, data center networks, high performance computing, cloud computing, telecommunications carriers, automotive, intelligent transport systems, Internet of Things (IoT), factory automation, and industrial applications.

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the program and how to join the IEEE 802 Network Enhancements for the Next Decade activity, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to the activity chair whose information can be found in the Contacts section.

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