Manufacturer ID

IEEE 1451.4™-2004 Manufacturer ID

Within a 64-bit section of the 1451.4 TEDS, called basic TEDS, the manufacturer of the transducer is defined with a 14-bit code called the manufacturer ID, along with manufacturer-assigned transducer model number, model letter, model version number and serial number.

Data acquisition systems may make use of the basic TEDS, including manufacturer ID, and model number data in determining the transducer type and the proper template to be used in unpacking TEDS data, particularly in the case of a transducer manufacturer choosing to use a non-IEEE, or manufacturer, template. Do not confuse manufacturer ID and basic TEDS with URN, as they are two separate and distinct entities. Every manufacturer of IEEE 1451.4 compliant transducers is required to use a unique IEEE 1451.4 manufacturer ID (see IEEE Std 1451.4-2004 subclause 5.1.1, Table 2).

The IEEE Registration Authority issues the manufacturer ID, to guarantee that it is unique to a manufacturer and publishes the list of existing IEEE 1451.4 manufacturer ID’s.

Registration Fees

Product Fees
Publicly Registered Manufacturer ID US $910
IEEE does not accept requests for applicant-specified identifiers.

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The IEEE Registration Authority will assign an additional manufacturer ID to any organization requesting one, providing they submit an affidavit on company letterhead to the IEEE Registration Authority c/o IEEE Standards Department, stating that their company will not “ship” product in the new manufacturer ID assignment until well after they have reached (shipped) at least 95% of the numbering capacity of the original manufacturer ID. The pool of individual transducer model numbers available to each holder of a single 14-bit manufacturer ID, using 50 bits of the 64-bit basic TEDS as defined in IEEE Standard 1451.4-2004, is in excess of 54.5 million models. Each model number may be produced up to a total in excess of 16.7 million serialized copies. The number of serialized copies of a model number may be increased by using additional version numbers, as defined by the Standard. A single manufacturer ID, within the structure of the IEEE 1451.4 Basic TEDS, may be used to identify in excess of 9 x 1014 individual transducers.

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