Template Description Language (TDL)

IEEE Template and/or Template Description Language (TDL) Item

As described in the Standard, a company or user can create templates for use by all to whom the template description files are distributed. The template description file is an ASCII text file, written in TDL, and having a file name extension of .tdl (see IEEE Std 1451.4-2004 subclause 6.1). IEEE Standard 1451.4-2004 annex A contains several examples of the template description file. A template description file may be submitted to IEEE for consideration as IEEE template by the manufacturer who developed the template of significant use, under the following condition:

  • The submitted template must have been in use for a sufficiently long period and by a sufficient number of users to demonstrate its effectiveness and freedom from defects.

Requesters should use the registration request process overview document when preparing requests. All templates and TDL items must pass the syntax check program.

The overview document and syntax checker are located in the TDL Programmer’s Start-up Kit (ZIP).a

Registration Fees

Products Fees Total Due
Template US $805 US $805
TDL Item US $805 US $805
Template plus TDL Item US $805 + $805 US $1,610
Manufacturers may elect to use non-IEEE templates for their own 1451.4 compliant products. Manufacturers choosing to use unpublished, manufacturer templates are solely responsible for the distribution and effective usage of these templates.

Application Information

  1. To submit a new IEEE template or TDL item to be considered for publication as an IEEE standard template or TDL item, submit the IEEE Template/TDL Application (PDF) along with a copy of the material to be considered. Applications expire after 30 days.
  2. Any questions regarding your application will be sent to the REQUESTOR.
  3. Applications are reviewed within 30 days and may require additional clarification by our review committee.
  4. Once approved, the application will be processed within 7 business days from receipt of payment and the new template will be published and available for download on the IEEE 1451.4-2004 templates page.

a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The software is currently undergoing BETA testing and has not been verified for any particular purpose. It is intended solely as a tool of convenience. The software does NOT guarantee that a given product is or will be compliant with IEEE Standards and is NOT intended to be used, explicitly or implicitly, to certify or assure such compliance. Do NOT represent or imply to others that IEEE SA has tested, certified or otherwise approved of any product developed through use of this software.

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