Standards Group MAC Address

Standard Group MAC Address

For Standards Development Use Only

A Universally Administered Address Block has been allocated for the assignment of Group MAC Addresses for use in Standards.

The Standard Group MAC Address assignment is a universally administered address block for use in standards by standards developers. If you require MAC Addresses for your products, please refer to the information on purchasing and using an MA-L, MA-M or MA-S assignment to create MAC Addresses for your products.

Registration Fees

Product Fees
Standards Group MAC Address (Only for Standards Developers, not commercial use) N/A

Application Information

  1. Complete and submit the Standard Group MAC Address Application (PDF). Attach an explanatory statement detailing the intended use of the assignment. Applications expire after 30 days.
  2. Any questions regarding your application will be sent via email to the REQUESTOR.
  3. Applications are reviewed within 150 days. Additional clarification may be required by our review committee.
  4. Once approved, the application will be processed within 7 business days. Assignment details are sent to the REQUESTOR.

Related Standards

All MAC protocol data units contain addressing information that consists of two fields: the destination MAC address and the source MAC address. Both of these address fields are 48-bit fields; the structure and semantics of the address fields are defined in ISO/IEC 10039.

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