Our Vision

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The IEEE SA Foundational Technologies Practice is a global platform of excellence bringing together committed volunteer stakeholders to evaluate, validate and develop solutions to help standardize seamless and ubiquitous connectivity across all applications of connected technologies in a trust-worthy (TIPPSS) and enabling manner through both foundational level horizontal standards and domain specific standards.

By realizing our vision, we will have made a difference by helping to develop and deliver:

  • resiliency approaches to support accessible innovation
  • trust-worthy technologies on human-centric goals
  • standards that are widely adopted and referenced and recognized as best practices by industry and regulatory agencies.

Our Focus

The practice will be focusing on the root problem of the complete ecosystem helping to drive productivity and efficiency but also equally importantly address issues to protect end user trust, identity, privacy, protection, security and safety across the three areas:

IIoT & Smart Manufacturing

The IEEE SA Foundational practice will focus on this area and look to answer questions like: How can the building blocks of tomorrow enable better, sustainable cities for humanity today?

Learn More About IIoT and Smart Manufacturing

Consumer Applications

For this focus area, the Foundational Technologies practice will try to find ways to help developers, manufacturers and producers to create solutions that respect individual privacy and trust without loss in efficiency and performance at an affordable price and scalable means.

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Infrastructure for Emerging Applications

Are you interested in helping to drive new technologies for the benefit of humanity? What are the next series of building blocks that can help improve our global productivity in a responsible manner?

Learn More About Infrastructure for Emerging Applications

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