Electric Energy Resources Interconnection Standards Collaborative (ISC)

About the Activity

The Electric Energy Resources Interconnection Standards Collaborative (ISC) encourages collaboration across IEEE Committees managing the development of standards for the interoperability and interconnection of distributed energy resources (DERs) with the grid and the entities that reference and apply these standards. Targeted standards in scope are the IEEE 1547 series that specify technical minimum performance capabilities and functional requirements for generation and storage resources interconnected to distribution grids. The goal is to deliver IEEE 1547 standards to ready DERs with capabilities that enable future utilization with increasing DER penetrations and to support industry stakeholders in the adoption of these standards.

Goals of the Activity

ISC’s activities will improve the timely development and adoption of IEEE standards. Activities would focus on augmenting the coordinating role of the sponsoring SC21:

  • Collecting broad stakeholder input on
    • Review of wish list for a standard / future states
    • Market adoption conditions / regulatory reference projects
    • Availability of SMEs, key participants, or leaders
    • Related efforts, including IEEE SA projects (standards, recommended practices, guides)
  •  Developing recommendations for sufficient scope and consistency in content across new, revisions, or amendments of the target standards.
  • Supporting in coordination and prioritization of IEEE SA Standards Project Authorization Requests (PAR) for existing and new projects, including development of standards revision and application roadmaps as well as application and transition time frames.
  • Support, coordination, and dissemination of educational materials and resources that can guide in the timely application of target standards, for example in current or upcoming state public utility commission (PUC) activities or initiatives.

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

  • Liaisons from other IEEE committees and activities (such as G-PST & GEPS)
  • Std 1547 series WG Chairs
  • NARUC/NASEO liaisons
  • FERC liaison
  • PUC liaisons from specific states (e.g., CA, HI)
  • NERC liaison
  • Liaisons from interested ISOs/RTOs
  • DOE liaison
  • NIST liaison
  • Industry liaisons (e.g., SEIA, IREC)
  • UL liaison

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the activity and how to join, please express your interest by filling out the Electric Energy Resources Interconnection Standards Collaborative (ISC) interest form.

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