Submitting a Draft Standard for Approval

Submitting a Draft Standard for Approval

What’s needed to submit a draft standard for approval by the IEEE SA Standards Board.

Where can I find information on the documents needed for the submittal of a draft standard for approval?

The IEEE SA has developed a working guide to aid in the Submittal of Proposed Standards outlining current submittal procedures.

What needs to be included when submitting a reaffirmed standard?

The Standards Committee shall determine that the standard being reaffirmed continues to reflect the state of the art and contains no significant obsolete or erroneous information. For current submittal procedures use the IEEE SA Standards Board Working Guide for the Submittal of Proposed Standards.

What happens after the information has been submitted?

The submittal will be circulated to and reviewed by the IEEE SA Standards Board Review Committee (RevCom). RevCom members will enter their comments in myProject which will then be available to the submitter for consideration and reply. All documentation, including the replies to the comments, will be considered. The recommendation of RevCom will be presented to the IEEE SA Standards Board for final action. The submitter will be notified of these actions.

What does RevCom typically look for when reviewing submitted documents?

RevCom will considered the following:

  • Was the balloting group balanced
  • Was the ballot valid with at least a 75% return and less than 30% abstentions?
  • Did the ballot gain at least 75% approval?
  • Does the document match the title/scope/purpose of the PAR authorizing the work? (title changes that are still within the PAR’s scope and purpose may be acceptable.) This only applies to projects where the PAR was approved after 1 January 2007 and Standards Committee balloting was initiated prior to 30 June 2011.
  • Was coordination with the required organizations achieved? Were all coordination comments accepted? If not, has a rationale been provided?
  • Were all members of the balloting group given an opportunity to see all the unresolved negatives and reasons why they could not be resolved?
  • Were all members of the balloting group given an opportunity to change their votes as a result of change(s) made to resolve negative ballots?
  • If there is copyrighted material in the document, is there a copyright release included in the submittal package and has IEEE staff reviewed and approved any such release?
  • Are there any major technical or procedural oversights?

What happens after the document is approved?

The IEEE Standards Publications Department will be notified that the document has been approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board. An editor will be assigned to work on the project and will be your contact throughout the publishing process. Also, the IEEE SA will make formal application to ANSI for recognition as an American National Standard.

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