IEEE Sustainable Development Platform

About the Activity

IEEE has a unique opportunity to accelerate its impact in this decade and beyond by launching a Sustainable Development Platform (SDP). The SDP will bring together corporations, educational institutions, social startups, and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) into a common platform that accelerates the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) while fostering innovation, learning-by-doing, community spirit, and impact on the ground. IEEE can create a new channel for impact and increase its relevance and reach by providing the SDP to Enterprises, Educational Institutions, Student Chapters, and Conferences.

Goals of the Activity

The goal of this IC activity is to create a working group of leaders from corporations, educational institutions, startups, and a platform provider that

  • defines and build a minimum viable product (MVP) version of the SDP
  • pilots it through an ecosystem of educational institutions, corporations, and social organizations
  • develops standards for an SDP
  • comes up with a strategy, business model, and action plan for scale out of the SDP to realize its full potential

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

The different groups of entities invited to participate in this activity will include but not limited to:

  • Educational institutions (universities, colleges, high schools)
  • Social enterprises (including NGO’s, social startups)
  • Corporations (multinational companies, CSR groups in all companies, HR leaders, Innovation leaders)
  • Impact Venture Capitalists
  • Government organizations

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the program and how to join the IEEE Sustainable Development Platform activity, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to the activity chair whose information can be found in the Contacts section.

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