IEEE 2030.5™ Ecosystem Steering Committee


Image of an ecosystem containing buildings, trees, windmills, and solar power panels
IEEE 2030.5 Ecosystem Steering Committee provides a forum to effectively advance the ease of integration (the process to achieve interoperability) of distributed energy resources, including responsive generation, storage, and load, into the electric system. To accomplish this an ecosystem of organizations needs to be aligned not only on technical standards, but the profile of standards choices that are tested and certified to make this integration occur simply and reliably.

In addition, the encouragement of a business and economic regulatory policy environment that aligns technology solutions with realizable business value propositions is important for driving the need to simplify integration and advance future work on standardization and testing. This effort engages the ecosystem of organizations interested in promoting the IEEE 2030.5 standard and the related areas that will provide visibility and advance interoperability for DER integration.

The initial activity of this group focuses on the development of a roadmap that outlines activities to advance the interoperability dimensions related to DER integration starting with the present state of the 2030.5 standard, implementation profiles, supporting material, and related efforts.

Focus of this activity will plan to include the follow outcomes

Constitute a steering committee consisting of existing consortium and new parties that are emerging around the integration of DER, including governmental agencies that are looking to address DER integration concerns, electricity service organizations interested in purchasing compliant products and services to make the deployment of the technology more efficient and reliable, technology solutions providers (suppliers, integrators, and consultants) who develop and assist with the deployment of related technology.

Develop an interoperability roadmap for the IEEE 2030.5 ecosystem and a resulting roadmap document, which outlines activities and priorities for represented organizations and members of the ecosystem to address.

Interoperability Maturity Roadmap White Paper

The development of operationally flexible electricity resources at the grid edge and associated communication technologies is transforming power system operations. This transformation challenges the current operation as diverse types of responsive electric equipment need to function together in a safe, effective, and reliable manner. This IEEE 2030.5 Ecosystem Steering Committee (ESC) document proposes a roadmap about the integration of responsive distributed generation, energy storage, and loads (responsive resources) using IEEE 2030.5 and supporting material.

How to participate

We invite organizations in the following areas or other interested stakeholders to participate:

  • DER owners and users
  • DER equipment suppliers
  • DER energy-management system suppliers
  • Regulators and government agencies
  • Trade associations and industry consortia
  • Testing and certification organizations

To express your interest in joining this IC activity, please send an inquiry to:

  • Steve Widergren, Chair
  • Industry Connections Program Administrator


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