Smart Identification in Internet of Things (IoT)

About the Activity

The blueprint of Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality in some form and places today, especially in the domains of intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, smart homes, etc. However, the extension of IoT applications into wider scenarios will face the issue of data division related to unknown identifications (IDs) of other systems. The outstanding challenge for the realization of full IoT-based business is the lack of standards for the universal identification solutions for all the things in IoT environments from different owners, with current or emerging identification devices, which is the foundation for the interoperation between business partners and end users.

To address the outstanding challenges, this activity will have the following deliverables.

An annual global in-person seminar (symposium) involving technical discussions related to smart ID technologies and applications is to be organized by the parties involved worldwide.

Case studies of smart ID solutions provided by the IC participants for different scenarios are to be collected through webinars/seminars and displayed in IC Activity reports, and whitepapers on specific subject areas will be produced as needed.

By identifying a group of participants, proposals are to be prepared for standard development. The new standard proposals will focus on the application and technologies of smart IDs in commodity digitalization management and identification data analysis.

Goals of the Activity

The goal of this activity is to assess requirements for harmonized identification solutions over various smart tags or devices in IoT like applications in order to minimize the system segmentations, identify gaps not currently addressed by any communication protocol standards or other fundamental standards such as IEEE 802.15, 802.11 and facilitate industry consensus towards proposals to initiate new standards development efforts.

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

  • Smart ID solution providers
  • IoT device or equipment manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • Identification distributors, and Regulatory and Government bodies.

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the activity and how to join, please express your interest by filling out the Smart Identification in Internet of Things (IoT) interest form.

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