Energy and Water Nexus

About the Activity

The Energy Water Nexus (EWN) focuses on the interdependency between energy and water and identifies opportunities to develop new communities and leadership roles in this emerging market space.

On a worldwide basis, the largest category for water consumption is electric power generation. Similarly, the largest demand for electricity is water extraction and distribution. This strong interdependency drives great opportunity in EWN to impact both energy and water consumption.

Goals of the Activity

The data for water is difficult to come by and requires significant analysis to be comparable by technology and business sector. This IC program will review the approach for capturing data, evaluating and prioritizing opportunities and identifies a few high leverage areas that can have significant impact on energy and water use worldwide. Building a new community of interest within IEEE and exploring needs and opportunities for standards will be primary goals of this effort.

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

  • Sustainability-focused organizations
  • Fresh Water Community Stakeholders – i.e., the Water Council
  • Electric Utilities

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the activity and how to join, please express your interest by filling out the Energy and Water Nexus interest form.

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