Ethically Aligned Design, Version 1, Translations and Reports

Translations and Reports

Read the overview or full version of Ethically Aligned Design, Version 1 or Version 2 including translations and reports.

Version 2 Document

Version 2 Overview

Version 1 Document

Version 1 Overview

Translations of the Executive Summary of Ethically Aligned Design

The EADv2 Executive Summary is available in the following languages:

You can also learn about our Standards Projects and The IEEE Global Initiative in Chinese here.

The EADv1 Executive Summary is available in the following languages:

Translation team and regional members are listed in our Committees Doc.

Regional Report on AI Ethics

We wish to thank our Members who submitted their thoughts to the following report consisting of their informed updates based on their work.

The IEEE Global Initiative – Regional Report on AI Ethics

Prioritizing Human Well-being in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

On 11 April 2017, IEEE  hosted a dinner debate at the European Parliament  in Brussels to discuss how the world’s top metric of value (Gross Domestic Product) must move Beyond GDP to holistically measure how intelligent and autonomous systems can hinder or improve human well-being.

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