Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition (EAD1e) Infographic

Ethically Aligned Design Infographic

Ethically Aligned Design, First Edition (EAD1e), “From Principles to Practice”, provides a mapping of the conceptual framework of Ethically Aligned Design. It outlines the logic behind “Three Pillars” that form the basis of EAD1e, and it connects the Pillars to high-level “General Principles” which guide all manner of ethical A/IS design.From Principals to Practice – It is at this step of the Ethically Aligned Design Conceptual Framework that readers will be able to identify the Principles and Chapters of key relevance to their work. Content provided in EAD1e is organized by “Issues” identified as the most pressing ethical matters surrounding A/IS design to address today and “Recommendations” on how it should be done.

What are the values driving your work in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems?

The IEEE Global Initiative

The IEEE Global Initiative’™s mission is, “To ensure every stakeholder involved in the design and development of autonomous and intelligent systems is educated, trained, and empowered to prioritize ethical considerations so that these technologies are advanced for the benefit of humanity.”

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