The IEEE Global Initiative on Trust Technology

About the Activity

Fast development of emerging technologies arise new challenges about trust in a digital world, such as availability, reliability, maintainability and usability. Trust Technology is the foundation of digital trust. In the past years, there have been quite a number of vivid research activities to improve trust, such as blockchain, trusted computing, federated learning, decentralized identifier. Construct a trust framework with blockchain as the main body to realize the trustworthiness of the whole business process. Trust technology has the potential to transform the future of business, improve underlying processes and capitalize on the new digital economy. How to guarantee the development of trust technology can meet industry requirements and promote application of related trust technologies in industries are interesting research topics.

The end goal is to promote research and development on emerging Trust Technology, build a cooperation platform to facilitate cooperation among companies on Trust Technology all over the world, extend or co-create multi-party applications and business networks with Trust Technology, help to realize the power of digital trust, solve the trust problem of digital world, and accelerate the decentralization and digitization of financial services and new digital economy. Supporting other IEEE initiatives in common areas of internet, focus and applications through standards. Engaging the broader community in the domains of blockchain, trusted computing, federated learning, and decentralized identifier to increase universality of the standards collaborative output. supporting the transition of working efforts to appropriate areas of IEEE that may sustainably support mature workstream efforts in the mid-to-longer term.

Goals of the Activity

Compared with the existing activities, The IEEE Global Initiative on Trust Technology will organize workshop(s), conference(s), and other activities, and finally, output the standard proposal.

  • Workshop on blockchain integrates multiple technologies to construct a closed loop of trust.
  • Workshop on on-chain and off-chain collaboration cases
  • Conference on the second era internet (internet of value)
  • Cases set about blockchain integrate multiple technologies to construct a closed loop of trust
  • Inventory of existing blockchain standards
  • Proposals for standards about Trust Technology, including technical framework, technical and application requirements

Getting Involved

Who Should Get Involved

Universities, organizations, governments, and corporations and individuals involved in the research, design and solutions around Trust technology.

How to Get Involved

To learn more about the activity and how to join, please express your interest by filling out The IEEE Global Initiative on Trust Technology interest form.

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