Industrial IoT & Smart Manufacturing Workstream

Industrial IoT & Smart Manufacturing

The impact of IoT and Industrial IoT is driving Smart Manufacturing and the adoption of IoT frameworks and technologies are rapidly gaining traction as industries are adopting automation and improving manufacturing processes. IIoT will drive manufacturing efficiency and the return on investment. High impact and productivity gains provided by IIoT through IoT connectivity protocols, Integration of IT/OT business and TSN, sensor systems and integration of edge computing and analytics will continue to accelerate and drive IIoT transformation in the coming years. At the core of this transformation are critical issues such as data security, privacy, identity and trust that will be a critical focus of this program.

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Industry Connections (IC) program helps incubate new standards and related products and services by facilitating collaboration among organizations and individuals as they hone and refine their thinking on rapidly changing technologies. See below for some of the activities related to Industrial IoT and Smart Manufacturing.

Public Knowledge Graphs

This activity will help to identify and support the creation of open, federated graphs of knowledge, using available protocols for storage and mirroring, alignment of different graphs, clustering and disambiguation, annotation, tracing and adding provenance. Separating the storage of knowledge and its known provenance and its implications about the world, from its inferred provenance and implications, and the evaluations of its truth or reliability by others.

PLC testbeds in India

This activity will help in further engaging with various stakeholders like Industries, Academia, Utility companies, etc TO ESTABLISH A SERIES OF TEST BEDS FOR PLC. The Test Beds will provide an ecosystem for various stakeholders, ranging from established industries to enterprising startups, to develop and test their solutions that have PLC as the core technology.

PLC IoT Interoperability and Compliance Testing

This IC activity will focus on selection of the labs for the testing, analysis and publication of the results, identification of the ambiguities and gaps in the standard and related test procedures, generation of additional use cases, and broader industry engagement with the goal of the acceleration of the adoption of the IEEE 1901.1 standard during its development and after the publication. The IC activity will explore collaboration with ICAP.

African Standardization Strategy and Roadmap for the 4th Industrial Revolution

This activity will provide a prioritization and very specific implementation plan focusing on standardization aspects and related training needs to help deliver the broader objectives set out by the Agenda 2063. It brings institutions to engage and provide inputs into a shared vision that enables deployment of future platforms in a more seamless manner.

IEEE LAN/MAN Standards

TSN, Ethernet, WiFi, Zigbee

IEEE 1901 Series

Power Line Communications for High, Medium and Low Frequency

IEEE 1619 Series

Cryptographic Protection and Authenticated Encryption for Storage Media and Devices

Sensors Registry

IEEE Sensors Registry (ISR) is a web-based service that will provide authoritative and trustworthy information on sensors products. The sensors market is a growing market that is expected to exceed USD 85 billion at a CAGR of 19%. With this unprecedented growth, the industry continues to face challenges with inferior product quality, product misrepresentation, lack of adherence to standards and no offering of independent certification. These issues increase the risks for sensor buyers and cost.

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