2022 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

9-10 November 2022 | Yokohama, Japan

2022 Event Presentations

9 November 2022
Pacifico North (4th Floor)
Two days of presentations providing insights into the developments, trends, and solutions in the following topics:
  • Yang, SDN
  • Application, Higher Layer Connectivity
  • Safety & Security
  • Validation and Test
  • Network and Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • TSN
  • PHY, switch, µC
9 November 2022
18:00 - 20:00
Networking Dinner
9 & 10 November 2022
Room G403+G404

Yang, SDN

Proposal of Dynamically Configurable In-Vehicle Network as an Enabler of Software Defined Vehicle
Takumi Nomura (Honda, JASPAR) – Speaker
Katsuyuki Akizuki (NEC Communication Systems, JASPAR) – Speaker
Hideki Goto (Toyota, JASPAR)
Yoshihiro Ito (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JASPAR)

Ethernet as a Service for Software Defined Vehicles: Design Objectives and Orientations
Pierre Laclau (Stellantis) – Speaker
Xiaoting Li (Stellantis)
Trista Lin (Stellantis)

Application, Higher Layer Connectivity

Centralized Software and Zonal Architectures for Future Innovative Ambient Lighting Enabled by E2B 10BASE-T1S
Fionn Hurley (Analog Devices) – Speaker
Peter Wilms (BMW)

TCP and Automotive Ethernet – How to Resolve the Everlasting Struggle
Iago Alvarez (Technica Engineering) – Speaker
Karl Budweiser (BMW)
Stefan Lachner,
Lars Völker (Technica Engineering)

New Automotive gPTP Application and Their Performance Needs
Don Pannell (NXP) – Speaker
Rajeev Roy (NXP) – Speaker

Safety & Security

Security Protocols and Applications – Best Friends or Worst Enemies
Antonio Gallego (Technica Engineering)- Speaker
Jose Galve (Technica Engineering)
Lars Völker (Technica Engineering)

From TC10 to System Wake-Up – Safety System Solutions
Steffen Lorenz (NXP Semiconductors)- Speaker

Validation and Test

PHY Latency and its Effects on TSN Performance
Martin Gubow (Keysight Technologies) – Speaker
Alon Regev (Keysight Technologies) – Speaker

Panel Session

Network and Architecture

Automotive SDN Prototype and Use Cases
Hyun Taek Hong (LG Electronics Inc.) – Speaker
Kilho Lee (Soongsil University) – Speaker

Service Oriented Architecture

Signal to Service: Remote Control of Legacy Networks
Brian Petersen (Ethernovia) – Speaker


Real Life Performance of IEEE 1722 Control Format (ACF)
Pablo Granados (CETITEC) – Speaker
Joe Nguyen (CETITEC)
Sergei Shoev (CETITEC)

Layer 2 Security for Precision Time Protocol Frames for Automotive Ethernet
Shubham Agarwal (Cadence Design System) – Speaker
Krunalkumar Patel (Cadence Design System)- Speaker

Network-Scale Virtual Output Queues
Brian Petersen (Ethernovia) – Speaker

A Study of Ethernet TSN Profile Based on JASPAR’s Automotive Use Cases
Tatsuya Izumi (Sumitomo Electric, JASPAR) – Speaker
Yoshihiro Ito (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JASPAR) – Speaker
Takeshi Tajima (Aubass, JASPAR)
Hideki Goto (Toyota, JASPAR)
Yasuhiro Yamasaki (Toyota, JASPAR)
Takumi Nomura (Honda, JASPAR)
Yasuhiro Kotani (DENSO, JASPAR)
Katsuyuki Akizuki (NEC Communication Systems, JASPAR)

PHY, switch, µC

Optimized Ethernet Switch HWSW Collaboration for New EE Architectures
Illia Safiulin (Elektrobit) – Speaker

Concept of Test Points in In-Vehicle Optical Physical Layer Standardization for Multi-Vendorization
Keisuke Kawahara (Furukawa Electric, JASPAR) – Speaker
Naoshi Serizawa (Yazaki, JASPAR) – Speaker
Hideki Goto (Toyota, JASPAR)
Manabu Kagami (Nagoya Institute of Technology, JASPAR)
Takumi Nomura (Honda, JASPAR)
Masato Shiino (Furukawa Electric, JASPAR)
Hiromasa Tanaka (Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, JASPAR)

Enhancing Automotive Ethernet Efficiency for Emerging, Asymmetrical Use Cases
Amir Bar-Niv (Marvell Technology) – Speaker
Thomas Hogenmüller (Robert Bosch) – Speaker

Topology Discovery Feature for 10BASE-T1S Multi-Drop
Piergiorgio Beruto (Onsemi) – Speaker


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