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NESC Committee Review Procedures

The NESC Main Committee (Committee) is composed of a single voting representative from each of the member organizations plus the current Chair and Past Chair. The Committee is primarily responsible for revising and maintaining the NESC, as well as voting on approval of proposed revisions to the NESC.

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NESC Revision Process

Change proposals for the 2023 NESC ended early 2018.

NESC 2028 Revision Schedule


Errata sheets correct typographical or editorial errors that have been found on a particular page or section corresponding to a specific NESC edition.

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NESC Interpretations serve as the official explanation of the intention of code requirements until such time as the rules are modified.

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Tentative Interim Amendments

A Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) process allows interim changes to a particular NESC edition if they are deemed sufficiently critical.

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Fast Track Revision

The Fast Track Revision Process is intended to be used for issues that are urgent in nature but are not in regard to the safeguarding of people.

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