2021 IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

3 – 4 November 2021 | Hybrid Event

2021 Event Presentations

2 November 2021
14:00 - 18:00 CET
Registration Desk
Registration desk opens a day before the General Session! Avoid the registration line tomorrow! ONLY PRE-REGISTERED ATTENDEES WILL BE ADMITTED. Anyone who is not registered will be turned away due to COVID related capacity management of the event space.
3 & 4 November 2021
Main Room
Two days of presentations providing insights into the developments, trends, and solutions in the following topics:
  • Physical Layer, PHY, Switch, μC
  • AVB/TSN, Higher Layer Protocols, Software
  • Application, Higher Layer Connectivity
  • Network and Architecture
  • Validation and Safety and Security Test
3 November 2021
19:00 - 21:00
Networking Dinner
3 & 4 November 2021
Main Room

Welcome Speech

The Next 10 Years


Automotive MACsec Architecture (PDF)
Oliver Creighton and Tobias Hauber (BMW Group)
Lars Völker (Technica Engineering GmbH)

Service-Oriented Architecture

Quality of Service/TSN

Physical Layer

The 10BASE-T1S OA-3p Interface-Enabling Advantages for the All-Ethernet Vehicle (PDF)
Martin Miller (Microchip Technology)

ESD Protection for Automotive Ethernet Applications (PDF)
Lukas Droemer and Andreas Hardock (Nexperia)

Technical Feasibility of Glass Optical Fibers for Automotive Ethernet (PDF)
G. Mabud Choudhury and John Earnhardt (OFS)
John S. Abbott (Corning Inc.)
Masato Shiino (Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd)

Does Cable Shielding Prevent all EMC Challenges? (PDF)
Jamila Josip Borda and Michael Kaindl (BMW Group)

Testing PAM4 Signaling for 10GBASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet (PDF)
Curtis Donahue (Rohde & Schwarz)

Switches and Configuration

Architecture and Diagnostics

Reimagining Vehicular Communication using Programmable Data Plane Technologies (PDF)
Naresh Nayak, Sebastian Schildt, Dennis Grewe and Robert Bosch (GmbH)

Analysis of a low-cost gigabit diagnostic interface (PDF)
Thomas Königseder (Technica Engineering GmbH)

Additional Presentation

What is the conqueror in the SOA platform for the future in-vehicle networks? – A study based on JASPAR’s automotive use cases (PDF)
Takumi Nomura (Honda), Akizuki Katsuyuki (NEC), Yoshihiro Ito (Nagoya Institute of Technology), Taichi Itagawa (Denso), Takao Hasegawa (Aubass), Tatsuya Izumi (Sumitomo Electric), Yoshiyasu Watanabe (Toyo Corporation), Hideki Goto (Toyota), Yasuhiro Kotani (Denso)


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