IEEE Standards for Smart Cities

Helping enable smart city technologies for humanity.

IEEE SA is committed to smart cities standardization and offers a portfolio of standards and programs to address key aspects of the smart cities framework.

Featured Projects

IEEE P1950.1 Standard for Communications Architectural Functional Framework for Smart Cities
This standard specifies the architectural and functional framework for smart cities aiming to enable communications within and across smart city ecosystems.
IEEE P1951.1 Standard for Smart City Component Systems Discovery and Semantic Exchange of Objectives
This standard is focused on solving the discovery of the systems deployed in a smart city and enabling the sharing of objectives between these smart city systems to make them work towards a common goal.
IEEE P2413.1 Standard for a Reference Architecture for Smart City (RASC)
This standard provides an architectural blueprint for Smart City implementation leveraging cross-domain interaction and semantic interoperability among various domains and components of a Smart City.
IEEE P2784 Guide for the Technology and Process Framework for Planning a Smart City
This guide provides a framework that outlines technologies and the processes for planning the evolution of a smart city.
IEEE P2850 Standard for an Architectural Framework for Intelligent Cities Operation System
This standard defines an architecture framework for a computational operation system, which is designed to enable intelligent cities.
IEEE P2872 Standard for Interoperable and Secure Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Infrastructure and Architecture
This standard describes a protocol that enables interoperable, semantically compatible connections between connected hardware (e.g. autonomous drones, sensors, smart devices, robots) and software (e.g. services, platforms, applications, AIS).
IEEE P7803 Guide for the Technology and Process Framework for Planning a Smart City
This recommended practice develops a number of key indicators to support the measuring of progress and pinpointing areas that pave the way for the establishment of inclusive, sustainable smart cities.

Programs & Communities

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AI-Driven Innovation for Cities and People

This IEEE SA Industry Connections program is focused on providing cities a governance mechanism to support responsible artificial intelligence systems (AIS).

Learn More About AI-Driven Innovation for Cities and People

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IEEE Collabratec® Smart Cities Community

The Smart Cities (SC) Community is comprised of 16,000+ individuals involved in research, implementation, application, and usage of this smart technology-enabled vision for our future.

Join the IEEE Collabratec® Smart Cities Community

Additional Projects & Standards

IEEE Smart Cities Initiative & International Conference

IEEE Smart Cities brings together IEEE’s broad array of technical societies and organizations to advance the state of the art for smart city technologies for the benefit of society and to set the global standard in this regard by serving as a neutral broker of information amongst industry, academic, and government stakeholders.

The IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2) is the flagship IEEE Smart Cities event which brings together practitioners, city policymakers & administrators, infrastructure operators, industry representatives and researchers to present technologies and applications, share their experiences & views with current and future Smart Cities applications.

Learn More About the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative & International Conference

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