Our Vision

Improved Societal Outcomes

IEEE helps the global mobility ecosystem address some of its greatest opportunities that have the potential to result in improved societal outcomes.

IEEE’s Mobility Practice aims to provide answers to the following questions:

Q1: How may transportation be easy, convenient, and an enjoyable personalized experience? How may the elderly, handicapped, and disabled enjoy (shared) mobility services tailored to their needs? How can we optimize traffic flows to maximize throughput without traffic jams, thus reducing fuel consumption and saving people’s time?

Q2: How can Mobility as a Service (MaaS) be accessible to cities in a manner that respects data agency and rights while enabling access to all residents with on-demand services that net reduce carbon footprints? What innovations must be unlocked in order to enable a safe human-centered experience for autonomous vehicles (zero accidents)?

Q3: How may commercial smart UAVs be designed to enable safe, efficient, economical, and scalable transportation solutions locally, regionally, and internationally? What will it take to enable charging and payment infrastructures for EVs (electric vehicles) that are interoperable, widely deployed, and easily accessible? How can zero emission transmission vehicles be developed in the coming years at scale?

Current Priorities and Intended Outcomes

IEEE SA is evolving to be a provider of sensor standards, safety standards, and other technology enablers for highly automated vehicles. It offers various collaboration platforms for AI engineering, testing, certification, and open source development. IEEE is a recognized center of competence for trustworthiness by dependability design.

IEEE SA facilitates the development of standards and guidelines that enable interoperable, trusted, and secured xEV charging networks allowing subscribers to roam across borders with one subscription.

IEEE SA leverages the technology knowledge in the various technical societies and in ongoing battery-related standardization projects to address current challenges by developing standards for automotive batteries and fuel cells including management systems.

IEEE SA is a recognized resource for governments and city administrations that provides privacy and security standards and guidelines for MaaS applications. IEEE SA will establish a strong presence in shuttles, robotaxis, and taxi drones. Road operators rely on IEEE standards to deploy their physical and digital infrastructure as an enabler for automated driving in various ODD (Operational Design Domains).

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