The Industry Connections Program

Supporting the incubation of new technologies, standards and related services to help solve shared industry problems.

Current Industry Connections (IC) Activities

IC09-001 Computer Security Group (ICSG) PDF format
Computer security experts from around the globe, working together to combat malware and other computer security threats.

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IC12-006 IEEE Actionable Data Book for Education PDF format
Creating and demonstrating prototypes for new methods of activity-based mobile learning via an open-standard e-book format with new forms of interactive learning technology and functionality.

Learn more about IEEE Actionable Data Book, a transformative blend of the interactive eBook and learning analytics for learners on the go.


IC13-001 IEEE-SA Symposium on EDA Interoperability PDF format
Organizing an annual symposium to help members of the electronics/semiconductor design and verification community better understand the landscape of Electronic Design Automation and semiconductor intellectual property standards, as well as the role of these standards to address industry interoperability challenges.

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IC13-002 Electric Vehicle Wireless Power Transfer PDF format
Pre-standardization efforts for Electric Vehicle Wireless Power Transfer, with a particular focus on dynamic wireless charging to address issues such as range limitation of electric vehicles and energy storage costs.


IC13-004 IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day PDF format
Organizing an annual conference and exhibition on the application of Ethernet and Internet standards in the automotive environment.

Learn more about the IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day


IC13-005 DC in the Home PDF format
Exploring the issues and work to be done to ensure DC electricity can be safely and conveniently accessed in the home, improving energy efficiency by eliminating the wasteful conversions between AC and DC.


IC15-001 Fiber Optics Sensors PDF format
Companies that manufacture fiber optic sensing systems or components for fiber optic sensing systems working together to identify gaps in standards related to fiber optic sensors and develop a plan to address these gaps.


IC15-002 Smart Glasses Roadmap PDF format
Adoption and acceptance of Augmented and Virtual Reality will be dependent on the readiness of technologies to provide a positive and cost effective user experience. This project aims to analyze the markets, use cases and technology considerations that must be addressed to accelerate enhanced reality technology readiness and adoption.


IC15-003 Smart City Compliance Indicators PDF format
Define the factors that determine the "smartness" of a city. Identify the key indicators of "smartness" that are required for a city to be called a smart city and develop a smart city rating index.


IC15-004 3D Body Processing PDF format
Bringing together an ecosystem of players to propose new standards around enabling 3D body processing which includes the capture, processing, storage, sharing and (augmented) representation for “Of-the-body” and “On-the-body” technologies.

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IC15-005-02 New Ethernet Applications PDF format
The growing diversity of applications within enterprise, campus, and data center networks requires new Ethernet standards to be developed. This is evident by recent standardization activities related to 2.5 Gb/s, 5Gb/s and 25 Gb/s Ethernet, as well as subsequent conversations related on introducing new Ethernet solutions at these rates. The goal of this activity is to assess emerging requirements for enterprise, campus, and data center networks, identify gaps not currently addressed by IEEE 802.3 standards, and facilitate building industry consensus towards proposals to initiate new standards development efforts.

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IC16-001 Open Data PDF format
Stakeholders assessing existing Open Data initiatives and proposing new standards for making data “open.” Creating a globally accepted definition, format and structure for Open Data to enable interoperability, whereby Open Data sets from different sources can be easily combined into larger and more valuable data sets.


IC16-002 The Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems PDF format
Bringing together experts in fields relating to autonomous systems (e.g., Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, Affective Computing) to identify and address the ethical considerations related to the design of autonomous systems and the issues they involve.

Learn more about the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems


IC16-003 Internet of Things Interest Group PDF format
A collaboration activity to help drive consensus development, engage industry and other relevant constituencies.

Learn more about the IEEE-SA Internet of Things Interest Group


IC16-004 Augmented Reality in the Oil/Gas/Electric Industry PDF format
Stakeholders collaborating to identify requirements, standards needs and other issues, to help enable augmented reality solutions, as well as potentially mixed and virtual reality solutions, that can benefit the oil, gas and electric industries.


IC16-005-002 Consumer Healthcare Alliance PDF format
A community of global industry and academic leaders dedicated to improving consumers’ health with innovations in healthcare electronics.


IC16-006-02 International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) PDF format
This Industry Connections activity will focus on an International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (“IRDS”) via establishment of an interest group closely aligned with the new electronics industry ecosystem. Activity members will collaborate in the development of this roadmap, as well as engaging with other segments of the IEEE in complementary activities (Rebooting Computing Initiative, Computer Society and other supporting IEEE societies) that help assure alignment and consensus across a range of stakeholders.

Learn more about International Roadmap for Devices

Learn more about IEEE Rebooting Computing