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Who is the IEEE-SA?

We are a leading consensus building organization that nurtures, develops & advances global technologies. Our work drives the functionality, capabilities and interoperability of a wide range of products and services that transform the way people live, work and communicate.

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We offer a complete and diverse range of programs and services that drive consensus and collaboration:

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Anyone can participate in standards development. Members can lead groups and ballot on standards.

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When Will Augmented Reality Reach the Tipping Point?

Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association

Proprietary products deliver competitive differentiation in early stages of technology development. But there comes a point when open, standards-based solutions are necessary to establish the technological foundation on which more innovators can participate at lower cost, toward the goal of growing a richer and more robust market.

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IEEE-SA Symposium on Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Intellectual Property (IP) Interoperability
6 October 2014 - San Jose, California

2014 IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day
23-24 October 2014 - Detroit, Michigan

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Featured Article

Standards That Support Big Data

Covering a variety of applications

The Institute, 8 September 2014

This article is part of our September 2014 special report on big data, covering technologies that support and make sense of the growing mountains of data, and several of its applications.

The IEEE Standards Association has introduced a number of standards related to big-data applications, with others in the works.

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Published exclusively by IEEE, the NESC® contains provisions that are considered necessary for the safety of employees & the public under the specified conditions.