2015 Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

This event is the premier venue for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, semiconductor vendors, and tool providers and offers an excellent overview on the evolution of Ethernet in automotive applications.

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Shaping Automotive Ethernet into a globally deployed, volume car automotive network

27-28 October 2015
Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center
Yokohama, Japan

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day is the number one venue for OEMs, suppliers, semiconductor vendors and tool providers to discuss and learn about the evolution of Ethernet standards, technologies and applications in the automotive environment.

The IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day is open to anyone interested in next generation automotive communication technologies, as well as those currently involved in related standardization and interoperability activities.

For information on Sponsorship opportunities or to join our mailing list, please contact eipatd@nikkeibp.co.jp.

2015 Host

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5th Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to announce that this year’s IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP Automotive Technology Day will be held on October 27 and 28, 2015 at the Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center, Japan and will be hosted by JasPar (Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture). The event is the number one venue for OEMs, suppliers, semiconductor vendors and other interested parties worldwide, who would like to receive and share information on the latest developments and who want to actively participate in shaping Automotive Ethernet into a globally deployed, volume car automotive network.

The program committee is now calling the experts from leading organizations to propose abstracts for this year’s program. Presentations must provide insights into developments, trends or solutions in respect to one or more of the following topics:

  • Applicable use cases of Ethernet for automotive
  • Ethernet-based communication for automated driving systems
  • Role of Ethernet in future E/E architecture
  • Reliability and quality of Ethernet-based communication
  • Automotive Ethernet for volume production cars
  • Lessons learned from 100Mbit and the path forward (Gbit)

It is intended to allocate 30 minutes to each speaker for his or her presentation including 5 minutes Q&A at the end. However, the program committee reserves the right to shorten this time, if the program committee thinks this improves the program. Presentation slides must be in English, presentation language can be English or Japanese

Abstracts must include a descriptive title, keywords, and the description of the content in one page. Do NOT include author(s) and affiliation(s) in the abstract. For the purpose of evaluating the proposed presentation anonymously, author(s), affiliation(s) and contact data should be included in the accompanying email only. Please also ensure that the organizations name is not part of the description. For keywords, please select applicable keywords from the following list:

Theoretical evaluation (pre product, specification), implementation (practical), standardization activity, strategy, cabling, 100Mbps Ethernet (PHY), 1Gbps Ethernet (PHY), other PHY solutions, AVB(gen1), TSN (AVBgen2 for control applications), IPv4/6, microcontroller/DSPs, simulation, test and validation, overall network performance, architecture, network design, security, (new) applications in general, market, software/AUTOSAR, optical, components.

Please send your abstract to the following address by May 29, 2015: eipatd_abstract@jaspar.jp. This template will assist you in preparing your abstract. You will be informed about the acceptance of your contribution in July 2015. Final presentations will be required by September 28, 2015. By submitting your abstract and slides you attest that you are authorized to grant IEEE-SA and Nikkei BP permission to publish your final presentation for unrestricted distribution. Speaker/entities will retain copyright for the material in the presentation. The final presentations shall only contain material that can be distributed in this manner. If you are interested in a booth or sponsorship or need more information in general, please contact eipatd@nikkeibp.co.jp.

Sincerely, on behalf of the program committee of the 2015 IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP Automotive Technology Day,

Kirsten Matheus (BMW) & Yoshihisa Mashita (Toyota Tsusho Electronics)



Opening & Welcome
John Capp, GM

Keynote Speech

Automotive Ethernet: Market Growth Outlook
Ian Riches, Strategy Analytics

Session 1: Use Cases / Architecture / Applications

AVB in Automotive Infotainment Networks
Günter Dannhäuser – Daimler, Andrew Lucas – XMOS

Designing 1000BASE-T1 into Automotive Architectures
Alexander E. Tan - Marvell

Practical Use of an Ethernet Switch within ECUs for Control Applications
Rodney Cummings - National Instruments

Ethernet AVB in Infotainment
Stefan Singer - Freescale

Session 2: AUTOSAR & Ethernet

Welcome to joint AUTOSAR / Ethernet session
Martin Thomas - AUTOSAR Spokesperson

Ethernet – Trends & Application Possibilities
Tushar Vaidya - KPIT Technologies

Time sensitive control data exchange with AUTOSAR IP/Ethernet based on AVB
Michael Ziehensack - Elektrobit, Markus Jochim - GM

Introducing Ethernet/IP into automotive series production with AUTOSAR from the perspective of an OEM
Jan Hegewald, Nadym Salem - Carmeq

Testing Automotive Ethernet systems - the AUTOSAR way
Sebastian Gruber, Josef Nöbauer – Continental

The Future of Ethernet in AUTOSAR
Marc Weber - Vector Informatik

Session 3: Fast Track

Automotive IP/Ethernet Testing, Challenges and what can be learned from the IT and telecom networking domains
Alon Regev - Ixia, Roman Pallierer - Elektrobit

Lessons Learned from Industrial Ethernet Solutions
Chris Muench - C-Labs

Accelerating the road from Audio/Video to Autonomous
Rick Kreifeldt - AVnu / Harman

Implementation of Automotive Compliant Connector Solutions for In-Vehicle Ethernet Networks
John W Hall, Bert Bergner, Thomas Ginsberg - TE Connectivity

How can I get the most out of Automotive Ethernet. System level network simulation for the design and evaluation of upcoming Ethernet-based E/E-architectures
Till Steinbach, Franz Korf, René Röllig - HAW-Hamburg, Thomas Eymann – IAV

Session 4: Standardization & Strategy

Status report on automotive related IEEE802.3 activities
Steve Carlson, David Dwelley, Ludwig Winkel, Thomas Hogenmüller, Robert Grow - IEEE

AVnu’s Ethernet AVB Automotive Certification Profile
Gordon Bechtel - Symphony Teleca, Ben Gale - Broadcom, Max Kicherer - BMW,
David Olsen - Harman International

The Looming Ethernet MAC Address Crisis in a Car
Donald R. Pannell – Marvell

Session 5: Security

Ethernet Security in the Car
Ben Gale - Broadcom

Automotive Ethernet Security Testing
Alon Regev, Abhijit Lahiri – Ixia

Session 6: Physical Layer / Testing & Tools

A Review of 1000BASE-T1 PHY Architecture for EMC-Constrained Channels
Mehmet Tazebay - Broadcom

I can use CAN wire for Ethernet, right?
Natalie Wienckowski - GM

Applying Ethernet test methodologies to automotive applications
Curtis Donahue, Alex Seiger - IOL-UNH


Fast, Simple, Reliable and Cheap: Ethernet at 40 [Keynote]
Steven Carlson (High Speed Design, Inc.) /r

Suitability of Standard Connecting Hardware for Automotive Twisted Pair Ethernet Transmission
Bert Bergner, Jens Wülfing, Andreas Engel (TE Connectivity)

Benefits of Ethernet PHY Architectures for Automotive Applications
Gani Jusuf (Marvell)

From OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach PHYs to IEEE 802.3bp RTPGE: the development of next generation Automotive Ethernet PHYs
Mehmet Tazebay, Ali Abaye (Broadcom)

Advanced Sleep and Wakeup concept for Automotive Ethernet
Thomas Suermann (NXP)

Challenges in the Deployment of AVB for Automotive Infotainment Systems
Thomas Gmeinder (XMOS), Christian Soerensen (Intel)

The Automotive Profile: In-Car Audio Video Transmission with AVB
Max Kicherer (BMW), Robert Boatright (Harman), Frank Baehren (Intel)

The Need for IEEE Standardized Ethernet Mechanisms for Active Safety Applications
Markus Jochim, Massimo Osella (GM)

IEEE 802 Time-Sensitive Networking: Extending Beyond AVB
Michael D. Johas Teener (Broadcom)

Standardization vs. Time to Market: Challenges in developing an AUTOSAR standard for Ethernet/IP communication in parallel to the implementation
Josef Nöbauer (Continental)

Ethernet drives the evolution of Automotive Communication Paradigms
Michael Ziehensack, Roman Pallierer (Elektrobit)

Ethernet in small ECUs - Challenges and Chances
Matthias Kessler (E.S.R. Labs)

Cost Efficient Gateway Architectures for Deterministic Automotive Networks
Thomas Hogenmüller (Bosch), Burkhard Triess (ETAS)

Data Security for IP-based Ethernet Communication in Automotive Networks
Marko Wolf, Lars Wolleschensky (ESCRYPT)

Quantifying the Timing Quality of Ethernet-based Network Configurations - What is the “Bus Load” of my Ethernet network?
Simon Schliecker, Jonas Diemer (Symtavision)

Simulating Ethernet Networks in Real-Time Systems
Björn Müller, Ralf Stolpe (dSPACE)

A Tool-Chain for Modeling and Evaluation of Automotive Ethernet Networks
Thilo Streichert, Jan Seyler, Philipp Schuhmacher, Robert Brendle (Daimler)

Structural Support for Developing Automotive Ethernet
Kirsten Matheus (BMW)

IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day 2014
David Law (hp)