SMDC December 2020

IEEE SA SMDC Approvals

November/December 2020

PI SMDC Approvals 18 November 2020

New Registries:
  • AcpcTreeId – An identifier for a specific set of binary trees used to convey certificate access codes to certificate users who are using the Activation Codes for Pseudonym Certificates (ACPC) technique specified in IEEE 1609.2.1. Allocated to the operator of an ACPC Certificate Access Manager.
  • ElectorGroupId – An identifier for a Certificate Trust List Series allowing for the management of roots of trust within the certificate management system defined in IEEE 1609.2.1. Allocated to an SCMS Manager.

ICCom Approvals - 18 December 2020

  • IC20-021-01 Meta Issues in Cybersecurity – ICAID
  • IC20-022-01 Disaster Recovery for Blockchain Nodes and Enterprise Workloads – ICAID
  • IC20-023-01 Implementation Roadmap for Systemic EV Adoption in India and Asia – ICAID
  • IC20-024-01 IEEE SA Industry Rapid Activator Program (IRAP) – ICAID
  • IC20-025-01 Trustworthy Technical Implementations of Children’s Online/Offline Experiences – ICAID
  • IC20-026-01 Alliance for Best Practices and Standards in Smart Cities – ICAID
  • IC20-027-01 Responsible Innovation of AI and the Life Sciences – ICAID
  • IC20-028-01 2030.5 Ecosystem Steering Committee – ICAID
Revised/Renewed ICAIDS:
  • IC18-005-02 African Standardization Strategy and Roadmap for the 4th Industrial Revolution – ICAID

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