IEEE-SA Standards Board

Responsible for coordinating the development, publication and revision of IEEE standards.


Established and appointed by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG) the IEEE-SA Standards Board encourages and coordinates the development and revision of IEEE standards. This includes approving the initiation of IEEE standards projects and to reviewing them for consensus, due process, openness, and balance.

The SASB gives final approval to IEEE standards prior to publication and processes all necessary appeals.

About SASB Members
The Board consists of no fewer than 18 or more than 26 voting members. They must be IEEE and IEEE-SA members. In addition, an IEEE Technical Activities Board Liaison serves as a voting member.

There is one non-voting Member Emeritus.


2018 Roster  
Jean-Philippe Faure Chair
Gary Hoffman Vice Chair
John Kulick Past Chair
Konstantinos Karachalios Secretary, non-voting
Ted Burse Paul Nikolich [TAB Rep.]
Guido Hiertz Ron Petersen
Christel Hunter Annette Reilly
Thomas Koshy Robby Robson
Hung Ling Dorothy Stanley
Dong Liu Mehmet Ulema
Xiaohui Liu Phil Wennblom
Kevin Lu Philip Winston
Daleep Mohla Howard Wolfman
Andrew Myles Jingyi Zhou
Member Emeritus
Joseph Koepfinger non-voting
Government Observers
Rajeev Sharma India BIS
Hemant Darbari India C-DAC
Seong-hwan Kim Korea MSIT
Michael Janezic U.S. NIST
Thomas Koshy U.S. NRC
Dave Ringle

Committees of the Standards Board