Board of Governors

Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE SA.


Strategic Management and Delivery Committees (SMDCs) are established by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG) to address strategic focus areas that are necessary and critical for the IEEE-SA to achieve long-term organizational objectives.

Financial Sustainability [Mark Epstein: VP]
This SMDC strives to ensure IEEE-SA long-term financial sustainability, financial transparency, and appropriate management of the financial portfolio. It creates tools to aid the business and investment plans for IEEE-SA projects.

Industry Engagement and Sector Strategies [Robby Simpson: VP]
This SMDC manages a strategic industry engagement framework that aims to bring companies and industry consortia into the IEEE-SA ecosystem.

Market Incubation and Business Acceleration [Rob Fish: VP]
This SMDC cultivates the growth of a single or of a few strategically important businesses through focused dedication of resources.

Marketing Strategies, Technology Policy, Government Engagement, and Regional Marketing Campaigns and Activities [Rebekka Porath: VP]
This SMDC supports IEEE-SA business growth via promotion of brand awareness, provision of all aspects of marketing support, and engagement in public policy initiatives that enhance the reputation of the IEEE-SA.

Platform Infrastructure Optimization [Robby Robson: VP]
This SMDC assists in the provision of software infrastructure tools and platforms that enable customers, volunteers, and IEEE staff to effectively and efficiently leverage the IEEE-SA ecosystem to achieve their goals.

Product and Service Innovation [Don Wright: VP]
This SMDC helps to create, grow, and manage IEEE-SA’s product and services portfolio, with an emphasis on products and services that complement IEEE-SA’s core consensus businesses.

Standards and Standards Innovations [Gary Hoffman: VP]
This SMDC works to ensure that the standardization environment of the IEEE-SA continues to meet the needs of its membership and offers a vibrant home for consensus standards development. In addition, this SMDC aids in the development of standardization processes and governance, including enhancing volunteer engagement and education.

Technical Innovation and Engagement [Alex Gelman: VP]
This SMDC supports IEEE-SA’s strategic interests through interaction and collaboration with other operational units within IEEE.


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