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Recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE SA and the development of standards.
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The IEEE SA Awards Process

Submit a nomination for an IEEE SA award. The information below describes the criteria and step-by-step instructions on submitting an IEEE SA awards nomination:

Submitting Your Nomination


  • Nominees, nominators, and endorsers cannot currently be:
  • Nominee cannot be deceased (no posthumous nominations).
  • Nominee cannot self nominate.
  • Nominee cannot have previously received an award in the category for which the nomination is submitted.

Thank you for your interest in the IEEE SA Awards. Your nomination continues the tradition of honoring outstanding participation in standards development activities.

"Many challenges remain to be overcome, so may we never forget that. This award will ensure that I, for one, do not."

- Melvin Reynolds, Recipient, 2014 IEEE SA International Award


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