IEEE-SA Standards Board Approvals

New and revised standards projects, as well as new and revised standards put forth for approval by the Standards Board.

16-17 MAY 2011

Approved PARs for New Standards

  • P802.1Qbp (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks -Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment: Equal Cost Multiple Paths (ECMP)
  • P1484.12.3-2005/Cor 1 (C/TT) Standard for Extensible Markup Language (XML) Schema Definition Language Binding for Learning Object Metadata - Corrigendum 1: Corrigendum to Reflect the Learning Object Metadata Corrigendum (P1484.12.1-2002-Cor_1)
  • P1003.1-2008/Cor 1 (C/PA) Standard for Information Technology - Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX®) - Corrigendum 1
  • P20000-1 (C/S2ESC) Standard - Adoption of International Standard ISO/IEC 20000-1 Information technology - Service management - Part 1: Service management system requirements
  • P25010 (C/S2ESC) Standard- Adoption of ISO/IEC 25010-2010 Systems and Software Engineering--Systems and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE)--System and Software Quality Models
  • P1730.1 (C/SISO) Recommended Practice for Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP) Multi-Architecture Overlay (DMAO)
  • P1900.6a (C/SC) Standard for Spectrum Sensing Interfaces and Data Structures for Dynamic Spectrum Access and Other Advanced Radio Communication Systems Amendment: Procedures, Protocols and Data Archive Enhanced Interfaces
  • P1138-2009/Cor 1 (PE/PSC) Standard for Testing and Performance for Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) for Use on Electric Utility Power Lines - Corrigendum 1: Stress Strain Temperature Correction
  • P1609.3-2010/Cor 1 Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) - Networking Services - Corrigendum 1: Corrections to Annex G Packet Format Examples
PARs for the Revision of Standards
  • P802.16 (C/LM) Standard for Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access Systems
  • P421.3 (PE/ED&PG) Standard for High-Potential Test Requirements for Excitation Systems for Synchronous Machines
  • P421.4 (PE/ED&PG) Guide for the Preparation of Excitation System Specifications
  • PC62.33 (PE/SPDLV) Standard for Test Methods and Performance Values of Metal-Oxide Varistor Surge Protective Components
  • P1268 (PE/SUB) Guide for Safety in the Installation of Mobile Substation Equipment

Modified PARs

  • P45.7 (IAS/PCI) Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard - AC Switchboards
  • P515 (IAS/PCI) Standard for the Testing, Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Electrical Resistance Trace Heating for Industrial Applications
  • P1451.2 (IM/ST) Standard for a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators - Transducer to Microprocessor Communication Protocols and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) Formats
  • P810 (PE/EM&PG) Standard for Hydraulic Turbine and Generator Shaft Couplings and Shaft Runout Tolerances
  • P1020 (PE/EM&PG) Guide for Control of Small (100 kVA to 5 MVA) Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • P1409 (PE/T&D) Guide for the Application of Power Electronics for Power Quality Improvement on Distribution Systems Rated 1 kV Through 38 kV
  • P1453 (PE/T&D) Recommended Practice - Adoption of IEC 61000-4-15:2010, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Testing and measurement techniques – Flickermeter - Functional and design specifications
  • PC57.149 (PE/TR) Guide for the Application and Interpretation of Frequency Response Analysis for Oil Immersed Transformers

Withdrawn PARs

  • P1619.3 (C/DA) Standard for Key Management Infrastructure for Cryptographic Protection of Stored Data
  • P1693 (IM/TSI) Standard for Modular Interconnect Packaging for Scalable Systems

New Standards

  • P802.3bf (C/LM) Standard for Information Technology - Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems - Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Specific Requirements Part 3: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications Amendment: Media Access Control (MAC) Service Interface and Management Parameters to Support Time Synchronization Protocols
  • P802.3.1 (C/LM) Standard for Management Information Base (MIB) Definitions for Ethernet

Revision Standards

  • P1207 (PE/ED&PG) Guide for the Application of Turbine Governing Systems for Hydroelectric Generating Units
  • P181 (IM/WM&A) Standard for Transitions, Pulses, and Related Waveforms
  • P802.1Q (C/LM) Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges and Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks
  • P802.17 (C/LM) Standard for Information Technology - Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems – Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Specific Requirements - Part 17: Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) Access Method and Physical Layer Specifications
  • P1031 (PE/SUB) Guide for the Functional Specification of Transmission Static Var Compensators
  • P1725 (PE/SB) Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Cellular Telephones