IEEE SA Strategic Management and Delivery Committees Approvals

New and revised projects put forth for approval by the Strategic Management and Delivery Committees.

IEEE SA SMDC Approvals

October 2020

ICCom Approvals - 8 October 2020


  • IC20-010-01 Labeling Cybersecurity Data for AI Automation (Single- and-Multi-Modal) - ICAID
  • IC20-011-01 IoT Ecosystem Security - ICAID
  • IC20-012-01 Roadmap for the Development and Implementation of Standard Oriented Knowledge Graphs - ICAID
  • IC20-013-01 Rural Communication - ICAID
  • IC20-014-01 Sustainable Infrastructures and Community Development Program - ICAID
  • IC20-015-01 The IEEE Earth Lab - ICAID
  • IC20-016-01 The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Extended Reality - ICAID
  • IC20-017-01 Association for Digital Transformation - ICAID
  • IC20-018-01 Transforming the Telehealth Paradigm Sustainable Connectivity, Accessibility, Privacy, and Security for All - ICAID
  • IC20-019-01 Digital Resilience – Tools and Methods to Support Response and Recovery from Crises - ICAID

Revised/Renewed ICAIDS:

  • IC15-005-04 New Ethernet Applications - ICAID
  • IC18-004-02 Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems - ICAID
  • IC19-004-02 Technology and Data Harmonization for Enabling Decentralized Clinical Trials - ICAID
  • IC20-003-02 AI-driven Innovation for Cities and People - ICAID

Terminated ICAIDs

  • IC18-003 2030.5 Ecosystem Steering Committee
  • IC19-006 Data Trading System Initiative