Standards Awards

Recognizing outstanding leadership and contributions to the IEEE SA and the development of standards.



The Standards Medallion is awarded for major contributions to the development of standards. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Leadership in standardization of new technologies
  • Assuring achievement of standards development goals
  • Identifying opportunities to better serve the needs of standards users
  • Other contributions viewed as deserving of such recognition

The award consists of a 1 1/2 inch Standards "medallion" and brass plate engraved with the recipient's name and year of the award affixed to a 2x3 marble paperweight. It is accompanied by a framed certificate. There is no honorarium attached to this award.

The award is presented by the IEEE SA President at the SA Awards Ceremony

  • Recipient honored at the IEEE SA Awards Ceremony (see previous ceremony)
  • Honoree highlight via press release
  • Recognition on IEEE SA website and social media post

Recipients need not be members of IEEE, and their contributions may be to standards of other national and international standardization bodies, providing such standards are in the fields of IEEE and constitute a significant contribution to the profession. There are no restrictions or preferences as to the nationality, race, sex, creed or age.

Annual Deadline 31 July 
Nominate a party for this award

This award is sponsored by the IEEE Standards Association, administered by the IEEE SA Awards and Recognition Committee.




János Farkas
For exceptional skill in championing the standardization development of time-sensitive networking

Wenpeng Luan
For leadership and contributions to the development of standards in the field of distributed energy resource integration

Thomas A. Prevost
For ongoing leadership and contributions to the development of IEEE transformer standards and the standards development process

Peter Reid Wilson
For leadership in standards and technology roadmapping in power electronics

Doug Edwards
For outstanding achievement in circuit breaker and switchgear standards development

Kirsten Matheus
For vision, leadership, and contributions to developing automotive Ethernet networking

Pratap Mysore
For contributions to the development of standards in the field of power systems protection

Jeff Rearick
For years of tireless, enthusiastic service furthering the development efforts of IEEE standards in the test domain

Duane Remein
For contributions to access networks (EPON, EPOC, and BiDi)

Craig Schlenoff
For significant contributions to IEEE standards by serving as the associate vice president of standardization in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, chairing the core ontologies of robotics standards group, and serving as the vice chair of the robot task representation standards group

James Edward Smith
For sustained leadership and contributions to the development of transformer standards

David Chalupsky
Roy Cideciyan
Paul R. Croll
Alan Flatman
Rich Kennedy
Bernard Metzler
Stephen Shull


Mark Adamiak 
Alfred Asterjadhi
Jeffrey A. Burnworth
Carlos Cordeiro
Benjamin Cotts
Chengwei Dai
Victor Huang
Charles W. Johnson, Jr.
Glen Kramer
Leonardo Lima
Richard Mellitz
Bertrand Poulin
George Zimmerman


Bruce B. Barrow 
Kerry Blinco 
Ted A. Burse 
Carole C. Carey 
Sudhakar E. Cherukupalli 
Robert S. Fish 
James R. Frysinger 
Anthony Ki Cheong Ho 
Abhay Karandikar 
Brad Lehman 
Michael J. Thompson 
Mehmet Ulema 
Michael W. Wactor 
C.T. (Tim) Wall 
Jan J. Wittenber


William J. Bergman 
Alfred Crouch 
Chris DiMinico 
Vinko Erceg 
Alexander D. Gelman 
Stephen Haddock 
Apurva N. Mody 
Paul S. Schluter


Pete Anslow 
Malcolm Clarke 
Jean-Philippe Faure 
Norman Finn 
Lowell Johnson 
Jim LeClare 
Ken Martin 
Brian Reinhold 
David Stone 
Philip Winston


Hanna Abdallah 
Michael Bennett 
Kenneth Brown 
Christopher Clark 
John D'Ambrosia 
Wael Diab 
Ramsis Girgis 
Adam Healey 
Oleg Logvinov 
Albert Martin 
Robin Tasker 
James Wilson


Douglas Bogia 
Michael Champagne 
Philip Hopkinson 
James Liming 
Robert Nowell 
Purva Rajkotia 
Anne Marie Sahazizian 
Adrian Stephens


Tom Alderton 
Thomas Basso 
Jeffrey G. Gilbert 
Connie Komomua 
John E. Merando, Jr. 
Michael Seavey 
Frank Waterer


James D. Allen 
Percy E. Pool


John L. (Jack) Cole 
Guido Guertler 
Michael Johas Teener


Don O. Koval 
Elliot Rappaport 
Donald A. Voltz


Raymond C. Hill 
Susan K. (Kathy) Land 
Carl Lindquist 
Albert R. Martin 
Michael Maytum 
Arthur Varanelli


Brian G. Kiernan


Howard I. Bassen 
Carey J. Cook 
C.K. Chou 
John D'Andrea 
T. W. Olsen 
Richard A. Tell


William R. Goldbach 
Jean M. Baronas


Kent Jaffa 
Dr. Thomas McManus 
Dr. Michael R. Murphy 
Lorraine Kay Padden


Steven P. Hensley 
Eva J. Tarasiewicz


Donald W. Cragun 
Gary L. Goedde 
Benny H. Lee 
Steve Brewer 
Robert M. Grow 
David J. Law 
Paul Nikolich 
Robert B. O'Hara 
Richard L. Doughty 
H.R. Stewart, Jr.


Thomas Hartman 
Nicholas R. Rafferty

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