Registration Authority

IEEE offers Registration Authority programs or registries which maintain lists of unique identifiers under standards and issue unique identifiers to those wishing to register them. The IEEE Registration Authority assigns unambiguous names to objects in a way which makes the assignment available to interested parties.

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PSID values (hex)P-encoded PSID values (hex)NotesOrganization/ DocumentationNumber of values (decimal)
0x000p00systemISO 15628a1
0x010p01electronic-fee-collectionISO 149061
0x020p02freight-fleet-managementISO 156281
0x030p03public-transportISO 156281
0x040p04traffic-traveller-informationISO 156281
0x050p05traffic-controlISO 156281
0x060p06parking managementISO 156281
0x070p07geographic-road-databaseISO 156281
0x080p08medium-range-preinformationISO 156281
0x090p09man-machine-interfaceISO 156281
0x0A0p0Aintersystem-interfaceISO 156281
0x0B0p0Bautomatic-vehicle-identificationISO 172641
0x0C0p0Cemergency-warningISO 156281
0x0D0p0DprivateISO 156281
0x0E0p0Emulti-purpose-paymentISO 156281
0x0F0p0Fdsrc-resource managerISO 156281
0x100p10after-theft-systemsISO 156281
0x110p11cruise-assist-highway-systemISO 156281
0x120p12multi-purpose-information-systemISO 156281
0x130p13multi-mobile-information-systemISO 156281
0x140p14efc-compliance-check-communicationISO TS 128131
0x150p15efc-localisation-augmentationISO TS 131411
0x16 to 0x1C0p16 to 0p1Creserved for ISO/CEN-dsrc-applicationsISO 156287
0x1D to 0x1E0p1D to 0p1Ereserved for private useISO 156282
0x1F0p1Freserved for ISO/CEN-dsrc-applicationsISO 156281
0x200p20vehicle to vehicle safety and awarenessSAE J27351
0x210p21limited sensor vehicle to vehicle safety and awarenessSAE J27351
0x220p22rail vehicle safety and awarenessSAE J27351
0x230p23WAVE security managementIEEE Std 1609.21
0x240p24CA Basic ServiceETSI1
EN 302 637-2
0x250p25DEN Basic ServiceETSI1
EN 302 637-3
0x260p26Misbehavior reporting for common applicationsCAMP1
0x270p27Vulnerable Road Users Safety ApplicationSAE DSRC TC1
0x28 to 0x7E0p28 to 0p7E Not allocated 
0x7F 0p7FTestingbIEEE P1609 WG 
 2-octet p-encoded values:  
0x800p80-00differential GPS corrections, uncompressedSAE J27351
0x810p80-01differential GPS corrections, compressedSAE J27351
0x820p80-02intersection safety and awarenessSAE J27351
0x830p80-03traveller information and roadside signageSAE J27351
0x840p80-04mobile probe exchangesSAE J27351
0x850p80-05emergency and erratic vehicles present in roadwaySAE J27351
0x860p80-06Remote ITS station management protocol—Remote Management Protocol Execution (RMPE)ISO 24102-21
0x870p80-07WAVE Service AdvertisementIEEE Std 1609.3 
0x880p80-08Peer-to-peer distribution of Security Management InformationCAMP1
0x890p80-09Traffic Light Manoeuver Service (TLM) ETSI TS 103 3011
0x8A0p80-0ARoad and Lane Topology Service (RLT)ETSI TS 103 3011
0x8B0p80-0BInfrastructure to Vehicle Information Service (IVI)ETSI TS 103 3011
0x8C0p80-0CTraffic Light Control Service (TLC)ETSI TS 103 3011
0x8D0p80-0DGeoNetworking Management Communications (GN-MGMT)ETSI EN 302 636-4-11
0x8E to

0p80-0E to

 Not allocated 
0x01-000p80-80Certificate Revocation List ApplicationCAMP1
0x01-01 to

0p80-81 to

 Not allocated 
0x02-6E0p81-EECertificate Revocation List (CRL) serviceETSI TS 102 9411
0x02-6F0p81-EFSecured certificate request serviceETSI TS 102 9411
0x02-700p81-F0Certificate Trust List (CTL) serviceETSI TS 102 9411
0x02-71 to

0p81-F1 to

 Not allocated 
0x06-510p85-D1eCallCEN TC278 WI002784531
0x06-52 to

0p85-D2 to

 Not allocated 
0x3E-80 to0pBE-00 toReservedcIEEE P1609 WG416
0x40-20 to0pBF-A0 toUnregistered usedIEEE P1609 WG64
0x40-60 to0pBF-E0 toTestingbIEEE P1609 WG32
 3-octet p-encoded values:  
0x40-800pC0-00-00Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM) processor (deprecated)ETSI1
0x40-810pC0-00-01Decentralized Environmental Notification Message (DENM) processor (deprecated)ETSI1
0x40-820pC0-00-02Vehicle initiated distress notificationWyoming DOT1
0x40-83 to

0pC0-00-03 to

 Not allocated 
0x20-3C-80 to

0pDF-FC-00 to

TestingbIEEE P1609 WG1023
0x20-40-7F0pDF-FF-FF Not allocated1
 4-octet p-encoded values:  
0x20-40-800pE0-00-00-00Fast Service Announcement Protocol (FSAP)ISO 224181
0x20-40-810pE0-00-00-01ITS-station Internal management Communications Protocol (IICP)ISO 24102-41
0x20-40-820pE0-00-00-02Veniam delay tolerant networkingVeniam.com1
0x20-40-830pE0-00-00-03Transcore software updateTranscore, Inc.1
0x20-40-84 to0pE0-00-00-04 toSRA Private useSRA, Inc.4
0x20-40-880pE0-00-00-08Over-the-air File BroadcastSiemens Industry, Inc.1
0x20-40-890pE0-00-00-09Data Log TransferSiemens Industry, Inc.1
0x20-40-8A0pE0-00-00-0ACV Pilot Application 3Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-8B0pE0-00-00-0BCV Pilot Application 4Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-8C0pE0-00-00-0CCV Pilot Application 5Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-8D0pE0-00-00-0DCV Pilot Application 6Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-8E0pE0-00-00-0EWYDOT Data Log TransferWyoming Dept of Transportation (WYDOT)1
0x20-40-8F0pE0-00-00-0FWYDOT Over the Air UpdateWyoming Dept of Transportation (WYDOT)1
0x20-40-900pE0-00-00-10CV Pilot Application 9Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-910pE0-00-00-11CV Pilot Application 10Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-920pE0-00-00-12CV Pilot Application 11Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-930pE0-00-00-13CV Pilot Application 12Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-940pE0-00-00-14CV Pilot Application 13Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC1
0x20-40-950pE0-00-00-15CV Pilot traffic signal priority statusUSDOT1
0x20-40-960pE0-00-00-16CV Pilot traffic signal requestUSDOT1
0x20-40-970pE0-00-00-17CV Pilot MAP distributionUSDOT1
0x20-40-980pE0-00-00-18Peloton Platooning Service 1
0x20-40-990pE0-00-00-19Road Weather ApplicationsSAE J2945/31
0x20-40-9A to

0pE0-00-00-1A to

 Not allocated 
0x10-20-3C-80 to

0pEF-FF-FC-00 to

TestingbIEEE P1609 WG1022
0x10-20-40-7E0pEF-FF-FF-FEIPv6 routingIEEE Std 1609.31
0x10-20-40-7F0pEF-FF-FF-FF Not allocated 

a Values are listed in ISO 15628 as dsrcApplicationEntityId (AID).

b A PSID value allocated to the IEEE 1609 working group (WG) for testing purposes is not identified with a standard application area. It is expected to be used only in testing environments, not to convey information about deployed applications. The meaning associated with a given testing PSID value will be specific to the testing environment in which it is used. The means by which a WAVE device determines the meaning of a testing PSID value are outside the scope of this standard.

c A reserved PSID value is not available for allocation in the current version of the standard. The IEEE 1609 WG may allocate the reserved values in a future version.

d A PSID value allocated to the IEEE 1609 WG for unregistered use is not identified with a standard application area. A set of WAVE devices can use an unregistered value to convey a mutually agreed meaning. Both the meaning and the means by which the devices determine the meaning are outside the scope of this standard. There is no assurance that all devices operating in a given area attach the same meaning to the value.