Capacity Building

We have curated a collection of materials and resources to help guide those working in government, policy and regulatory bodies to learn more about the IEEE standards process and with what bodies in the standardization ecosystem we coordinate. We also offer informational programs for government officials and resources for learning more about current standards and standards to look for on the horizon.

IEEE SA Standardization

IEEE SA Programs

  • IEEE Government Engagement Program (GEPS) is a special program providing customized information and resources tailored to government needs and interests, including bespoke webinars, roundtables, and bi-lateral consultations with technical and standards experts.
  • IEEE SA Industry Connections Program serves as an accelerator for pre-standardization work that enables collaboration among industry professionals, academics, policymakers, and other stakeholders to collaboratively explore technologies.
  • IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) develops and oversees programs that couple standards development activities with conformity assessment activities.

Stay up to date

  • IEEE SA Newswire a monthly e-newsletter covering the latest news and developments in the IEEE SA
  • Beyond Standards Blog covering current technology standards topics, developments and trends
  • IEEE SA webinars and events that bring together a broad and diverse network of interdisciplinary experts from around the globe to provide insights, perspectives and first-hand experiences in technology domains and industry sectors

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