Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

Optical Networks imageThe Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (SIEPON) Conformity Assessment program addresses the need for global passive optical network devices to achieve plug and play interoperability and is based on IEEE 1904.1™-2013 Standard for Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (SIEPON).

EPON is a market-leading, fiber-access technology, with world-wide deployments. EPON technology is implemented in business and residential services, including IPTV, VoIP (Voice-Over IP), commercial-grade data services, and cellular backhaul. Industries that can benefit from this ICAP program include telecom carriers, telecom equipment manufacturers, chipset manufacturers and testing laboratories.

SIEPON Conformity Assessment Steering Group (CASG)

The SIEPON Conformity Assessment Steering Group (CASG) was formed in November 2012. The CASG is comprised of industry recognized subject matter experts and global stakeholders.

Activities undertaken by the CASG include:

  • Lead promotion of the IEEE 1904.1™-2013 standard, SIEPON technology and the conformity assessment program
  • Develop marketing strategies to promote SIEPON technology
  • Develop a testing and certification program that provides the “SIEPON community” with an unbiased, independent approach to conformity assessment
  • Develop program relevant components, e.g., certification scheme, policies, certification agreement, certification logo, etc.
  • Act as advisors on test methods and the interpretation of the standards

SIEPON is required to successfully provide, manage, and scale services. Network operators must ensure that the deployed devices implement necessary features and interoperate in the following areas:

  • Traffic engineering functions
  • Provisioning and QoS support of multiple services
  • Device and service management

To Join the CASG, please contact the ICAP Team.

Call for Testing Laboratories

ICAP is currently seeking testing laboratories that have prior experience in testing telecom equipment, e.g., OLT, ONU, etc. to similar technologies. Testing laboratories that have an interest to become an ICAP approved test lab for the SIEPON Conformity Assessment Program can indicate their interest or request for more information by contacting the ICAP Team.


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