Board of Governors

Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE SA.


Mission Statement

  • The IEEE RAC is the oversight committee for the IEEE Registration Authority.
  • The IEEE RAC is international in scope, assisting standard developing organizations in their establishment of unambiguous, sustainable registration authorities.
  • The IEEE RAC considers the long-term interests of the ultimate users of these standards, while pragmatically addressing the needs of the affected organizations, industries, and IEEE.

Additional Resources

Members of the IEEE RAC consist of the Chairperson, Secretary (IEEE Staff), and representatives of the Sponsors involved in registration activities.

Bob Grow, RAC Chair
Geoffrey Garner (IM)
Tom Kurihara (VT/ITS)
Roger Marks (C/LMSC)
Michael Montemurro (C/SAB)
Glenn Parsons, Past Chair
Riccardo Mariani, ex-officio (C/SAB)
Geoff Thompson (C/LMSC)
Leonard Tsai (C/MSC)
Angela Thomas, RAC Secretary

Questions or comments regarding registration authority activities can be sent to the RAC Administrator or the RAC Chair.


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