315 -1971 - IEEE Standard and American National Standard for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams (Including Reference Designation class Designation Letters)
Standard Details
This American National Standard is a revision and expansion of USA Standard Graphic Symbols for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams, Y32.2-1967. A large number of new symbols has been added. While the major additions are in the areas of antennas, transmission path, thermal relays, VHF/UHF/SHF circuit devices, and semiconductor devices, all sections have some new or revised items. New sections have been added to cover graphic symbols for special-purpose maintenance diagrams, analog computer symbols (formerly in IEEE Standard 166), also equipment and station symbols for system diagrams, maps and charts. For convenience of users, the class letters used to form reference designations (formerly in ANSI Y32.16) have now been included in a new section of Y32.2. In this revision the symbols are slightly larger than in Y32.2-1967 edition, resulting in improved readability. A revised edition of the large symbol chart included with the Y32.2-1967 edition will be available separately to complement the new edition. All of the symbols are designed so that their connection points fall on a modular grid. This should help those who use a grid basis for the preparation of diagrams. By proper enlargement of the symbol the usual coordinate-grid sizes can be matched.
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