Precision Time Protocol – Telecommunications

Precision Time Protocol – Telecommunications

Precision Time Protocol imageThe ICAP Precision Time Protocol Telecommunications Certification Program provides conformity assessment services based on IEEE 1588™-2008, Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems, as the de-facto standard for synchronization delivery over packet networks. This certification program evaluates and certifies manufacturers packet masters and slave clocks to meet the conformance requirements of the IEEE 1588™-2008 standard to achieve IEEE certification.

The Precision Time Protocol – Telecommunications Certification Program was developed and driven by industry to assess the conformance of IEEE 1588™-2008 implementations over a wide range of applications such as telecommunications, smart grid, Internet television and digital audio and video broadcasting. The initial focus of this certification program pertained to telecommunications environments, using the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Telecom Profile for frequency synchronization, defined in the Recommendation ITU-T G.8265.1.

Download the IEEE 1588™ in Mobile Networks white paper (PDF)

Today, the program encompasses several key components to ensure the delivery of a successful conformity assessment program, including a comprehensive test suite that is assessed and evaluated by a Technical Review Committee comprised of industry subject matter experts.

Role of the IEEE 1588™ Technical Review Committee

The IEEE 1588™ Telecommunications Technical Review Committee (TRC) is comprised of notable experts in the field of timing and network synchronization for telecommunication networks. The role of the TRC is to review and recommend for approval all related technical documents that will form the basis of the IEEE 1588™ Telecommunications Certification Program. TRC member activities may include:

  • Editors of standards
  • Working Groups that develop standards
  • Principal contributors of the standards development process
  • Implementers from the semiconductor and equipment vendor community
  • Early adopters from the service provider community
  • Experts in the field of test and measurement

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