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Standard for Blockchain in Energy

This standard provides an open, common, and interoperable reference framework model for distributed ledger technology (DLT), such as blockchain in the energy sector. It also covers three aspects: 1) Serve as a guideline for Blockchain DLT use cases in Electrical Power industry; Oil and; energy Gas value industry chain, covering the Renewable energy industry and their renewable related sources services of generation. 2) Create standards on reference architecture framework, including interoperability, terminology, functionality, and system interfaces for blockchain DLT applications in the energy sector by building an open protocol and technology agnostic layered framework. 3) Evaluate and provide guidelines on scalability, performance, security, and interoperability through evaluation of consensus algorithm, smart contracts, and type of blockchain DLT implementation, etc. for the Energy sector.

Sponsor Committee
PE/SBLC - Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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Sponsor Committee
PE/SBLC - Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems
Working Group
Arch/P2418.5 - Energy Blockchain WG
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IEEE Program Manager
Michael Kipness
Working Group Chair
Claudio Lima
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