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Introduction to the IEEE P2520(TM) Series of Standards on Olfaction Devices and Systems

A new series of international odor monitoring and analysis standards are being developed by the IEEE Sensors Council and the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, in collaboration with the International Society for Olfaction and Chemical Sensing. The standards are designed for those developing and using odor analysis devices, electronic noses, and…

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IEEE 3D Body Processing Industry Connections--Landmarking for Product Development

This paper seeks to explore where current landmarking definitions have difficulty bridging traditional and technological practice. The paper summarizes current definitions in a standard format to encourage discussion toward practice suited for both manual and virtual environments. The goal is toward definitions that enable a specific placement whether that references…

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Cybersecurity Technologies for Cloud Access

This paper presents the cloud security technologies, with emphasis on secure remote access.

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CyberSecurity Standards for Cloud Access - Version 2

The enterprises’ network and network security architectures are unable to effectively serve the dynamic secure access requirements of digital business. The enterprise data center is no longer the center of access requirements for users and devices. Organizations demand immediate, uninterrupted access for their users, no matter where they are located.…

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The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Extended Reality (XR) Report--Business, Finance, and Economics

The scope of this report is the exploration of ethics-related issues in XR business models, and the aim is to initiate expert-driven, multidiscipline analysis of the evolving XR Ethics requirements, with a vision to propose solutions, technologies, and standards in future updates. The set of recommendations within this report will…

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ROOF (Realtime Onsite Operations Facilitation) Computing Framework

Real-Time Operations Facilitations or ROOF is a class of computational framework for Edge Computing with Internet of Things (IoT). The ROOF framework provides support for building scalable, secure, and robust Internet of Things applications with limited tools in resource constrained situations. The ROOF helps in developing federated architecture for large…

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The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Extended Reality (XR) Report--Metaverse and Its Governance

This report focuses on the growing governance gaps between the potential of extended reality (XR), the popularity of the term metaverse, and the scale of the adoption of metaverse. While the metaverse as a concept is an advanced level of XR, we are not at that stage yet. However, there…

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Industry Connections Program--Need for Establishing Industrial AI Maturity Levels

This white paper touches upon some important focus areas that can be of help in establishing a framework for determining industrial AI maturity levels. This includes establishing both technical as well as organizational readiness and sub-criteria therein for various AI maturity phases starting from exploration, experimentation, stabilization, expansion, and leading…

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