IEEE SA Board of Governors

Responsible for overseeing the operations and establishing policy for the IEEE SA.


The Board of Governors (BOG) directs the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) - establishing policy, providing financial oversight, and conducting standards-related activities within IEEE technological fields. It may also establish and appoint boards, committees, and other organizational units as needed to carry on the work of the IEEE SA.

To carry out its basic responsibilities, the IEEE SA BOG fulfills the following:

  • Maintain a current IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual
  • Approve IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws
  • Approve policy additions/changes with significant financial/strategic implications
  • Establish and disband committees, as appropriate
  • Establish and maintain that IEEE SA members represent a wide range of basic interests
    • Technical societies, industry, government, general public
  • Provide financial oversight and decisions for IEEE SA operations as well as major program additions and/or changes
  • Recommend IEEE SA BOG member candidates which are elected annually
  • Approve IEEE SA Standards Board membership
  • Hold and attend meetings to accomplish the work of the BOG
  • Approve award nominees in recognition of exceptional service

About BOG Members

Members of the IEEE SA BOG reflect the technical and global standards interests of IEEE. Members-at-large must show involvement in IEEE standards activities, interest in and commitment to global standards, and IEEE regional representation as well as recent experience within industry or government.

2020 Roster
Robert Fish
IEEE SA President
Jim Matthews IEEE SA President Elect
Gary Hoffman IEEE SA Standards Board (SASB) Chair
John Kulick Past SASB Chair
Yatin Trivedi
IEEE SA Treasurer
Robby Simpson
IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) Chair
Konstantinos Karachalios
Secretary, non-voting
Mark Epstein Rebekka Porath
Alex Gelman
Robby Robson
Andrew Myles Walter Weigel
Kishik Park
Don Wright, non-voting
Dave Ringle  

Committees of the BOG

For an in depth description of the BOG, its functions and committees, please see the IEEE SA Operations Manual.


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