IEEE SA Strategic Management and Delivery Committees Approvals

New and revised projects put forth for approval by the Strategic Management and Delivery Committees.

IEEE SA SMDC Approvals

September 2021

IESS SMDC Approvals - 20 September 2021


  • IC21-008-01 Needs Assessment for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards -
  • IC21-009-01 Open RAN Initiative - ICAID

Revised/Renewed ICAIDS:

  • IC17-001-03 IEEE 802 Network Enhancements for the Next Decade - ICAID
  • IC17-002-04 Dignity, Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency - ICAID
  • IC17-014-03 Digital Intelligence - ICAID
  • IC19-007-02 Pre-Standardization Studies for Indian Language Resources - ICAID

Terminated ICAIDS:

  • IC17-011 Connectivity Harmonization of the Digital Citizen
  • IC20-010 Labeling Cybersecurity Data for AI Automation (Single- and-Multi-Modal)