IEEE SA Strategic Management and Delivery Committees Approvals

New and revised projects put forth for approval by the Strategic Management and Delivery Committees.

IEEE SA SMDC Approvals

December 2021

IESS SMDC Approvals - 13 December 2021


  • IC21-010-01 Fiber Attach Technology - ICAID
  • IC21-011-01 Big Data Governance Focus Group - ICAID
  • IC21-012-01 AI Impact Use Cases - ICAID
  • IC21-013-01 Synthetic Data - ICAID
  • IC21-014-01 IEEE UAS Standards Tracking and Standards Development-Related Research Needs - ICAID

Revised/Renewed ICAIDS:

  • IC15-004-04 3D Body Processing - ICAID
  • IC17-016-03 IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering - ICAID
  • IC17-017-03 Blockchain Asset Exchange - ICAID
  • IC17-018-03 IEEE VR/AR Advisory Board - ICAID
  • IC19-004-03 Technology and Data Harmonization for Enabling Decentralized Clinical Trials - ICAID