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PC37.238 - IEEE Draft Standard Profile for Use of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol in Power System Applications

The purpose of this standard is to facilitate adoption of IEEE Std 1588-2008 for power system applications requiring high precision time synchronization. IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 and this standard specify a common subset of PTP parameters and options to provide global time availability, device interoperability, and failure management. This set of PTP parameters and options allows IEEE 1588-based time synchronization to be used in mission critical power system protection, control, automation, and data communication applications.This standard specifies an extended profile for the use of IEEE Std 1588(TM)-2008, IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems in power system protection, control, automation, and data communication applications utilizing an Ethernet communications architecture. The profile specifies a well-defined subset of IEEE 1588 mechanisms and settings aimed at enabling device interoperability, robust response to network failures, and deterministic control of delivered time quality. It is compliant with IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 that specifies the preferred physical layer, Ethernet; the higher level protocol used for message exchange, PTP; and the PTP protocol configuration parameters. Special attention is given to ensuring consistent and reliable time distribution within substations, between substations, and across wide geographic areas. As such, this profile extends IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 with continuous monitoring of time inaccuracy, and optionally local time based on UTC.
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